Hulk Radio Controlled Helicopter (2008)


I’ve only seen this at Toys R Us – and I’ve already mentioned mt affinity for items that are representing scenes from the movie – so here is a radio controlled helicopter.  This is no toy – it actually flies and turns and… oh, who am I kidding – this is a toy!  It’s just an awesome toy!  I can’t wait to try this out – I will definitely be posting pics when I break this bad boy out! 

6 responses to “Hulk Radio Controlled Helicopter (2008)

  1. i wouldn’t buy that thing,i might,but i could use for my action figures(like for the scene at the end of the movie where the hulk is trying to get that helicopter)but if it did not have the remote control thing i would buy it.

  2. hey what the am i seeing a helicopter from the hulk movie now that thing is .N.I.C.E.

  3. yea but…its green…and small…with a remote control…i would buy it if it did not have those things(and aslo it should come in a action figure packet)

  4. If it was any bigger it wouldn’t be so affordable – and the remote is so that you can FLY it!

  5. Being a keen RC heli hobbyist I have found it interesting to see people like the commercial stuff and why not its all fun. I have just started my own RC store – check it out

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