Daily Archives: July 1, 2008

Shocking Changes to Ratchet’s Hulk Collection!

While I do have more Hulk items – and continue to get more everyday (or almost everyday) – I find that I am trying to hurry to post things – or even that I have such limited time to post everyday.  I know a lot of people have mentioned to me by email and others that they visit EVERYDAY to see the different things I post.  While that is amazing and really humbling to hear how much people enjoy seeing my collection, I need to slow down my postings.  Not only will it give me an opportunity to free up some quality time with my wife but also – it will give me the chance to post more detailed blogs.  It will give me the opportunity to give the attention to the items I am showing and give you more information.  So, starting tomorrow I will be posting twice a week.  Definetly every Wednesday (comic release day) you will see a new post (probably 2 or 3) and once other within the week.  I’m thinking Saturday!  If there is big Hulk news – I will still get it to you, loyal Hulk fans, but I think this will work out for the best – better posts, better blogs, and as always ALL HULK!