Hulk Backpacks (2008)

Alright, settle in because I went a little backpack crazy…

First up is this one with a jumping Hulk.  There’s another version of this without the Hulk in glossy plastic – but I liked this one better.



This backpack also features a camouflage back round at the top and a Incredible Hulk logo at the top.  I’m usually not a huge fan of camouflage on anything – seems a little rednecky to me – but it fits with this.

Hulk Backpack #2

Hulk Backpack #2

 The next, featured above has a little more flash to it.  The Hulk is standing in a pose that says “Come Get me!” and has bits of rock flying everywhere.  The top pocket has the Hulk logo with a back round of scientific looking particles – maybe neutrons or something – (that’s the only word I remember from 8th grade science) and even comes wi- Protons!  I remember protons too!  Anyways, the backpack comes with a pencil carrying case that features the Hulk’s name.

If you look close you can see the Hulk's face in the upper right corner

If you look close you can see the Hulk's face in the upper right corner

Lastly I have my favorite Hulk backpack – the kind that would’ve probably gotten you beat up in school for having – but I like it… Here it is!:

Hulk Backpack #3

Hulk Backpack #3

Look at the size of that Hulk head!  Yes, the logo is now on the bottom and the proton/neutron thingies are back – as well as the pencil case – but what can you focus on other than that huge Hulk head!  It’s like you can gaze into his mouth and check for cavities!  Again, the Hulk is made of the shiny plastic (and it was almost impossible to get a good shot of with the flash shining off of it) but the Hulk has the angry badass look we’ve come to love and adore!

Close up of Hulk's Head!

Close up of Hulk's Head!

Let’s end this blog today with a shot of the pencil case that, for some reason, made the backpacks more expensive.  Without the pencil case – $10.00 – With the pencil case – $15.00.  Yikes!

The Blue Hulk Head is Back!

The Blue Hulk Head is Back!

9 responses to “Hulk Backpacks (2008)

  1. Hulk-Man(returning somewhat)

    What about electrons or quarks or atoms or matter/anti-matter lol 😉 well you could have put two pencill cases in and make it worth your while jk

  2. Well rathcet,the first two hulk backpacks have a clear hulk image.

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  4. Wait, are you saying the third doesn’t?

  5. The thrid one does not have a pic,only a face.Yes.

  6. Wait,no u did not put on the first one it has a very faint image.

  7. where can i get one of these bookbags?? help!

  8. I would like to order the Hulk #3 with a pencil case for the $15.00 how do I order this from you please? Thank you….Gwenn Rose

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