Sorry – Bear With Me…

So, my hard drive crashed.  In computer speak that means “Big Uh-Oh”  I will not be able to post anything for a little while – maybe next week or so – while I have to go and buy a NEW computer.  My friend was nice enough to let me borow his computer so I could post this…

See everyone real soon though!

10 responses to “Sorry – Bear With Me…

  1. So, So Sad……..

  2. Hulk-Man(returning somewhat)

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Need more hulk info (If I don’t know about it).

  3. See what I’ve found!:) There’ll be an Ironclad figure!! Hope there’ll be other members of U-Foes, too.

  4. Those look great! I hope to see those in stores soon!

  5. Bummer. That’s like my biggest nightmare. When did you last backup? That’s a Sex and the City joke…which I suppose will fall flat here where I’m guessing the majority of readers do not, in fact, watch SATC (or at least the don’t admit to it).

  6. It’s one of those things that’s like… we have to back our information up soon… and then… we didn’t. And now we are burning our furniture for heat and trying to fatten up our cats in case things get really bad…

  7. That’s great… Can I come over for christmas and have Christmas Cat and discuss Hulk With you?


  9. I have my own company now it’s called ME Inc ™

  10. well I forgot yesterday I’m allergic to cats

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