Tales to Astonish #59 (1964)

Tales to Astonish #59 - First Hulk!

Tales to Astonish #59 - First Hulk!

On my trip to New York I entered Midtown Comics and was loving the selection that they had.  Although a bit pricey I was psyched to walk in and find this comic right here… TTA #59!  The beginning of the 2nd Hulk saga!  I have been searching for one – trying not to buy one off ebay.  Great condition and great art by Dick Ayers – this comic ends letting you know that the Hulk will be taking half the TTA every month.  This is a great issue where Giant Man is asking Hulk to join the Avengers – but Hulk says no – the only way Hulk knows how 🙂  I am totally finished with the Hulk comic library now.  I have every regular edition run and now every TTA!  Man, what a good feeling!

12 responses to “Tales to Astonish #59 (1964)

  1. Man That one is one of my favorites even though I’m a 6’2” 13 year-old

  2. How many comics do you have? Do you have all of the One-shots and Mini series too?

  3. I do have every mini-series and most one-shots. I’m actually working on guest appearences…

  4. Did you pick this up for a good price? It looks like it’s in VF/NM condition from the photo. I’ve been waiting to see if I can score one in great shape on eBay…but it’s been a long waiting game…

  5. I feel it was a good price – but I would be really careful purchasing off ebay. Make sure it’s a pretty reliable seller. Email him and ask him lots of questions.

  6. I have a copy of this book and most of the tales to astonish series, i am missing a few key issues, but the tales to astonish series was one or the most important things to have happened to the hulk. the origional series was cancelled due to lower sales, tales to astonish gave readers a chance to see this new style of hulk and he’s been smashing ever since. without tales to astonish we may not have seen a resurgance of hulk lovers and the character may never have come to point he’s at now.

  7. Pretty much – nice observation!

  8. nice score ratchet – what’s the condition of this copy?

  9. Fine – Fine + It’s a pretty darn nice one!

  10. very nice!

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