Sideshow Premium Format Hulk (2005)

SS Hulk PF
SS Hulk PF
Take that forearm!
Take that forearm!

Far and away the biggest Hulk Statue out there.  Well, if you don’t count the new Movie Marquees or the new life size Hulk statue that’s selling on ebay for $5,000.00.  This statue is considered the best Hulk statue out there.  And it is amazing, in size, in detail, right down to the cloth purple pants they have put him in.

Hulk PF giving the cold shoulder...
Hulk PF giving the cold shoulder...

Made in the image of the original Kirby illustrations – this statue stands at an impressive 20″ high and weighs about a gadillion pounds.  That’s a lot.  I can’t even tell you how hard it is to even move around because it’s so big!  I’m not really sure where tro put him right now… I have him near the Master Replicas Hulk – but MR Hulk looks like a midget next to him (as you can see) and the MR Hulk is way too cool to do that to.

SS Hulk vs. Master Replicas Hulk
SS Hulk vs. Master Replicas Hulk

I love this statue – but if you want it then get it NOW because the price seems to just keep going up and up.  Ebay is great like that sometimes – but at other times – it seems like a curse!  There is also a Grey Hulk vesion (only 179 made) – but the green is the pinnacle!  This has a run of 1000 and this one is #343.

Big Hulk in Hulk Room!
Big Hulk in Hulk Room!

Look at that face!  His face perfectly captures the Hulk’s simpleton/angry persona in the first comics – the massive body is just crazy BIG and intimidating.  You can almost see what the soilders who were first faced with the Hulk must’ve seen!

Hulk - a perfect 10 - does that sound gay?
Hulk - a perfect 10 - does that sound gay?

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27 thoughts on “Sideshow Premium Format Hulk (2005)

  1. I asked my girlfriend if we could skip our mortgage payment this month so I could spend the $900 Ebay wants for this sucker instead. She said no.

  2. Thanks Bill – you have to see it in person!

    Danny – your girlfriend needs to be told how great this statue is and how over-rated a roof overe your head is! Tell her to call me.

    Hulk-man – That sucks to hear – I’d say you need a new Mom, but I don’t think it works that way…

  3. Well if you own that much worth of stuff Either you’re that old…. or you have a really high paying job
    Just like Ross said in TIH”Whe I was 25 And I went to war in Vietnam I looked like I was 47, Blonsky”

  4. You own your own business and you do pretty well? That is not why you own all of this Hulk stuff! One reason: No children. We all should enjoy these postings while they’re still here cuz once a baby shows up it’s all over folks.

  5. If it’s between food for my child and a new Hulk item – it will have to be the food…

    BUT say the little tike needs a new pair of shoes – and I need a new Hulk toy – totally different story!

  6. great shots man!im still thinking i should get this piece of Legendary Scaled Bust of the HULK.which do you think should i get?please dont say BOTH haha

  7. Limah, Out of the 2 SS pieces – I would go with this, the PF, it is a must have. And if you thought the MR box was big – wait till you see this one!

    The LSB is nice – but there is no comparison when up against this guy here!

  8. Um…I count three reasons, Bill. No children, no mortgage and lived at home with parents until the age of 30 or so. Three very good reasons why you have spent the equivalent of a decent downpayment on a house on Hulk Toys. Olivia is a saint 😉

  9. Just got mine in…. beautiful piece… and REALLY needs to be seen/held in real life to get an idea of the size of this thing…..!!!!!!

  10. I agree with Colin. This peice needs to be seen and held in real life. It is by far the best Hulk statue out there. From the pose to skin color, every detail is amazing. I bought the Thing statue from SS to compliment the Hulk one. I’m on the fence about the Abomination statue though.

  11. Hey, how you doing? Just browsing your website which i think is great!! My PF Hulk has longer trousers than yours did yours get ripped??



  12. This is by far my favorite Hulk statue that I own. It just embodies everything that Hulk is. From his expression and posse to the choice of color and, of course, SIZE!

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