Deformed Hulk (2008)

Thought I would show you a little something fun here – especially after that harsh review of Hulk #5 – but I got this little guy yesterday.  There’s something sweet about this little retarded Hulk.  He looks like one of those flipper babies.  I love the real hair and the huge stuffed muscles!  I thinkContinue reading “Deformed Hulk (2008)”

Hulk #5 – The Review

So it begins, the Red Hulk faces off against Thor.  This comic starts right after the Red threw the Hulk off the Golden Gate Bridge and Thor appears.  He hits the Red with the Mjolnir and the Red shakes it off.  Doesn’t even affect him.  Not even a mosquito bite kind of irratation.  So, then Red tossesContinue reading “Hulk #5 – The Review”