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Deformed Hulk (2008)



Thought I would show you a little something fun here – especially after that harsh review of Hulk #5 – but I got this little guy yesterday.  There’s something sweet about this little retarded Hulk.  He looks like one of those flipper babies.  I love the real hair and the huge stuffed muscles!  I think this very ugly Hulk is going to displayed PROUDLY in the Hulk room – right next to the Sideshow PF Hulk! 

Look at his little angry expression!  He’s trying to be intimidating but he’s just so ugly it comes off as creepy.  Poor creepy little Hulk.  Go get one and give him a good home.  A good home where you’ll ridicule him everyday!

his little flipper feet!

his little flipper feet!

Hulk #5 – The Review

So it begins, the Red Hulk faces off against Thor.  This comic starts right after the Red threw the Hulk off the Golden Gate Bridge and Thor appears.  He hits the Red with the Mjolnir and the Red shakes it off.  Doesn’t even affect him.  Not even a mosquito bite kind of irratation.  So, then Red tosses Thor around like he’s a rag doll and, even worse, jumps – or maybe even flies, who knows with Loeb’s writing – into space.  That’s right, into space.  He uses the Mjolnir (he can, cause they’re in space!) to beat Thor silly.  He then drops Thor off on the moon – but not before kicking his helmet off (?) – and Thor promises to have vengence (because he did so well this time).  We join the Fantastic Four trying to watch a video tape of Ross.  As they try to decipher what he says a virus gets into their computer and Iron Man is informed that the Red came back from space but almost sent California into the sea doing it.  Wasn’t that the plot of Superman Returns?  So, here comes A-Bomb to save the Green Hulk from the bottom of the ocean.  The two have a conversation that I can only describe as “painful”. 

Why Blue Man Help Hulk?

Not Blue Man.  A-Bomb.  A-Bomb is Hulk’s friend.  Help Hulk fight Red Hulk.

Where is a gun when you need one?  Anyways, Hulk tells A-Bomb to help the people in the earthquake.  Hulk is going to after Red Hulk.  Then Iron Man shows up with She-Hulk, Ares, the Human Torch, Namor and the Thing.  Why Loeb titled each character like we’re 10 years old and needed to be told who they were is beyond me.

I have to say, this comic keeps surprising me – and not in the good way.  How does Loeb write such drivel and get paid for it?  Really?  What’s next?  Does the Red Hulk take on Ego the Living Planet just to show he can?  I hope all of these question get answered in the next comic – it says to be concluded at the end – but I doubt that will happen.  And wasn’t Reed a bit busy?  Now he has time to help Iron Man out?  Last I heard he was a little… spread thin.  This get a little unbearable.  One more comic to make it all better!  Marvel really need to get on the ball with releases too – they should be up to Hulk #8 – not 5.  D-