12 Inch Movie Hulk (2008)

12 Inch Hulk
12 Inch Hulk

This is too much.  Did they have a meeting and say “Okay, everything that we did right for the previous movie 12″ Hulks – let’s throw that out the window and make the WORST looking Hulk figure ever!”  Well, they would be happy to know that they succeded.  Congrats – this is a piece of crap.  Woo-Hoo!  Everything about this Hulk is bad – the scale (he’s far too skinny!) and his crossed eyes (what is this recent trend of giving the Hulk a lazy eye?)  The only thing that is even partially cool about this is that it talks when you press his belly. 

"Hulk see double!"
"Hulk see double!"

But why does his eyes glow?  Not only are the glowy eyes inaccurate – but they really do nothing for the figure itself!  I do like that when you squeeze his legs together his arms raise and when they lower there is a crashing sound.  What can I say?  I’m easy to please 🙂  Even though I am easy to please I still have to give this figure two thumbs way down – sorry to say it, but I pride myself on my honesty about how I feel about the Hulk merchandise and I can’t just say that this figure is even worth picking up.  It feels like it’s made of cheap plastic and the color is more like the 90’s comics – not recent Hulk’s shade of green.  Boo.

Hulk - trying to throw his arms around the world...
Hulk - trying to throw his arms around the world...

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19 thoughts on “12 Inch Movie Hulk (2008)

  1. And a woman Needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle…. (it’s related to your caption on the last pic It’s a U2 song incase you don’t know)

  2. To be fair, Hulk’s eyes briefly glow green in the movie when he’s in a clinch hold during the climactic fight and gets angrier and stronger.

    I wish they were coming out with a movie Abomination in that scale, or at least a 10 inch. I initially thought that the “deluxe” Mutating Abomination was larger scale, but I was mistaken – it’s the same height as the other ones. The Kotobukiya statue looks nice, but it’s a little too pricey.

    I’ve heard that villain figures generally sell better than heroes, which is why I’m a little surprised there are no larger scale articulated Aboms.

  3. Of course I knew that was a U2 song – and you quoted the best line of the song!

    First you think I’m almost a senior citizen and now you think I don’t know U2!?! 🙂

    So, Col – are you a fan of this 12″? I’m just so disappointed! The last 12″ Hulks were awesome – and this one just doesn’t hold up.

    I’ve already ordered the Koto Hulk statue – but I doubt I will be picking up the Abomination. It’s pricey, as you said, and it’s the movie version – not to mention the pose looks a bit silly 😛

    I was surprised that they didn’t make a 12″ Abom figure as well. Infact, besides the figure and 2-pack there wasn’t a whole lot that Abom was featured in.

  4. The 12″ Smashin’ Stompin’ Hulk looks cool from a distance, but you’re right about the eyes being cross-eyed and kind of goofy. I probably won’t be picking it up.

  5. I am a big Hulk fan and your collection is awesome I have not been collecting as long as you have. was going to pick this figure up because I love Hulk and the new movie but the crossed eyes were just a bit much. Maybe I will get it if it is real cheap someday but at $25-$30 its a pass. I have the Koto Hulk movie statue and Bust on pre order they look pretty cool. I also just pre ordered the Abomination statue because I am a fan of the movie design over the one represented in the comics which I have always found to be a bit on the silly side. I am glads the movie used a different version.

  6. A fan of the movie Abom? Wow! I never thought I’d actually meet one! I pre-ordered the Koto statue as well. I skipped the Abom though…

    Send some pics of yours when it arrives – if you want.

    But the Abom in the comics is awesome! He rules!

  7. This entry was pretty key – I had been admiring this Hulk for a while, but waited for it to go on sale. When you mentioned cross-eyes, I was floored… I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger….

  8. Glad I could help. If they were to make better toys I would give better reviews – but this one here was such a huge disappointment after the rockin’ 12″ from the 2003 movie.

  9. You mean the regular version? Go to the figures page – it’s the second one in – if you mean the new one, still haven’t found it yet… 😦

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