12″ Mego Hulk in Box (1978)

12 Inch Mego in the box
12 Inch Mego in the box
Back of Package
Back of Package

I had been looking for this guy here – in the box.  It’s such a great package.  Mego packages have such personality and are almost pieces of art work themselves.  The classic 12″ Mego Hulk in mint condition inside the package (which isn’t perfect – but still pretty great) still has the white shirt – that makes him look like Ralph Macchio from the Karate Kid.  The amazing thing is, seeing these older toys, is that people still have these toys in their packages.  This was before people really collected toys!  It always amazes me.  I love the way this Mego looks.  I’d like the 8″ in the box (I have one on a unpunched card) but now it’s going to be harder to tell myself to spend the money on a figure I already have.

Side of Package
Side of Package
Window Box Shot
Window Box Shot

If you ask me, and if your coming to this blog then you kind of did, then I suggest getting the vintage Hulk figures.  Not only are they hard to come by and only get more expensive everyday but also they are the best when displayed.  These are far more impressive than any amount of recent figures you can get.  I also think that they are worth the scratch you pay for them – unlike the modern toys that people are charging crazy amounts for and most don’t retain their value. 

Bottom of Box
Bottom of Box

 I had to give a shot of the bottom of the box.  Read the entire thing.  Please!  Mego Corp. claims this toy is full of loveable ugliness.  That’s a back-handed compliment if I’ve ever heard one.  And it also says “Fully poseable and ready for ANY action.  What kind of action are they implying he should be ready for?  Why do the preface it with the information about his poseability?  Dirty.

Close up of Hulk's face.
Close up of Hulk

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13 thoughts on “12″ Mego Hulk in Box (1978)

  1. Yeah saw loveable Ugliness and you are flirting with disaster when you say “What kind of action are they implying he should be ready for? Why do the preface it with the information about his poseability? Dirty.”

  2. Sniff, Sniff. I bought this new when it came out.
    I still have the broken body laying in the drawer somewhere.
    I remember trying to fix it with rubber bands.
    I had completely forgot about the white t-shirt until seeing this picture.
    At the time, I must have been Mego’s best customer.
    I wish I would have saved a few.

  3. I agree with you, those box were something else..Brings some childhood memories too…I’m still looking for one MISB under 100$

  4. Good Luck – I did not get so lucky, I paid just a bit over $100.00 for this one – and the box wasn’t even mint 😦

  5. thats great man seeing that vintage hulks brings back so many memories,i had many of them back then would you know how i could find one in that condtion.

  6. I received this as a birthday gift when I turned 3 years old Nov 1978 and just recently received it again Nov 2010 (32 years later). My girlfriend paid $225 for it and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received!!!!! Worth every penny!!!!! I have looked and cannot find any Mint inside the Box unplayed with this is BY FAR the best item in my entire collection

  7. My wonderful mother just found my original in the attic of their house, and I thought it was loooooong gone. It brought tears to my eyes; I thought she’d bought it used on ebay to surprise me on Chirstmas, but it was MY hulk!! Wow! It is still in tact, minus the shirt and the box. Very cool. I could never put a price on it; it means so much to me that she found it!!

    1. Great story. A retro shop opened recently at my local flea market.I went there to check it out and their in a display case was one of these vintage Mego 12inch Hulk dolls. dint have the box or the shirt.I to had one as a young child and still remember getting it along with the 12inch Superman and spiderman so when I so one at this guys booth I new I had to have it.I chewed him down to only 30.00 and im going bacjk tomorrow to buy it and use a doll stand to display it 🙂 they dont make toys anymore like the 70’s and 80’s toys I miss those days 😦

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