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Hulk Plush Back-Pack (2008)

Plush Hulk Back-Pack

Plush Hulk Back-Pack

Cute Hulk Mad Face

Cute Hulk Mad Face

I found this last week at Newbury Comics.  They had the Hulk here and a Spiderman one.  Basically, when you wear this backpack it looks like the Hulk is getting a piggyback – which, isn’t that a bit embarassing?  Why would the Hulk get a piggyback from anyone?  Can you imagine the conversation that took place before the Hulk agreed to the piggyback?

Zipper on Hulk's Back

Zipper on Hulk

“Hey Hulk, we should go to the mall – I need a new pair of shoes.”

“Oh, okay let’s go.”

“Want me to give you a piggyback?”

(Uncomfortable pause) “Ummm… no.  Not really.”


“Why don’t I want a piggyback?  What do you mean why?”

“Come on!  What are you?  Against piggybacks?!?”

“No, I just-”

“Just nothing!  Come one!  Get on my back!  What?  You don’t think I can carry you?”

“Well, I am the Hulk…”

Hulk Carrying the Hulk Bible

Hulk Carrying the Hulk Bible

Well, that went on way too long, didn’t it?  Basically the converasation ended with the Hulk akwardly agreeing to getting a piggyback from the person who needed new shoes.  I’m going to end this post now before it gets any more disturbing.


Grey Hulk vs. Wolverine SHS (2008)

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk Super Hero Squad

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk Super Hero Squad

This is part of the 2nd wave of Hulk SHS.  Too bad they overcrowded the stores with the first wave because now you can only find the second wave at specialty stores, comic shops and Hasbro’s website.  Personally, I feel as though the 2nd wave has some of the better 2-packs.  Like this one here – grey Hulk vs. Wolvie.  Much like McFarlane’s classic cover to Hulk #340.  The paint application could have been better.  Wolvie especially looks a bit sloppy.  Still, a really great 2-pack that you should consider yourself lucky if you were able to track these down.  Some people don’t like the SHS – and maybe they are for a specific audience – but the Hulk SHS packs are for every Hulk fan.  Besides, they spell grey the CORRECT way!