Grey Hulk vs. Wolverine SHS (2008)

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk Super Hero Squad

Wolverine vs Grey Hulk Super Hero Squad

This is part of the 2nd wave of Hulk SHS.  Too bad they overcrowded the stores with the first wave because now you can only find the second wave at specialty stores, comic shops and Hasbro’s website.  Personally, I feel as though the 2nd wave has some of the better 2-packs.  Like this one here – grey Hulk vs. Wolvie.  Much like McFarlane’s classic cover to Hulk #340.  The paint application could have been better.  Wolvie especially looks a bit sloppy.  Still, a really great 2-pack that you should consider yourself lucky if you were able to track these down.  Some people don’t like the SHS – and maybe they are for a specific audience – but the Hulk SHS packs are for every Hulk fan.  Besides, they spell grey the CORRECT way!

7 responses to “Grey Hulk vs. Wolverine SHS (2008)

  1. I never learned how to spell grey or gray

  2. how come you STILL did not post bruce?

  3. Are you talking about the Bruce/Hulk 2-pack? Alright, I promise that will be my next post – but that may not be until Mon.

    By the way, I also just bought the 2 new 2-packs – one is the Abomination 2-pack will Emil and another Hulk 2-pack. I will post it soon though

  4. Augh, not good to hear they aren’t turning up in main stores much. Well, I’ll keep hitting the local Targets and Walmarts, maybe I’ll get lucky. I love these little guys, I have a whole bunch of the Transformers Robot Heroes as well. I have the King and Planet Hulks, would be nice to find a gray one too.

  5. Check out if you want to purchase these…

    I hope you find these, Rach!

  6. Gah, I’m back from computer limbo, finally. I’ve been seeing some new packs show up in a local Walmart, so I might hold out hope for a bit longer. I will probably end up resorting to Hasbro though, it just sucks to end up paying twice as much what with shipping.

  7. Ebay has some for pretty cheap. I hate to inform you about this – but Canada has a wave 3 of these. I just ordered mine.

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