Mutating Hulk 2-Pack (2008)

Mutating Hulk 2-Pack

Mutating Hulk 2-Pack

With all of the new Hulk merchandise coming out I almost forgot to post this!  That would have been a darn shame!  I have had this since sometime mid-July.  And thankfully one of the Hulk fans here keeps reminding me to post this.  This is a pretty great 2-pack to have and the only Norton as Banner figure they’ve released.  The Hulk in this 2-pack seems to be practicing some sort of wizardry or mind control – why is his hand like that?  Still, it’s a really decent 2-pack and worth the moolah because of the Banner figure.  Series 3 should be out soon and I’m hoping to see Bi-Beast on the shelves soon!  I found both 2-packs and the horrible 12″ Hulk I posted at Wal*Mart – but they seem to be popping up everywhere now…

Close Up of Banner / Hulk

Close Up of Banner / Hulk

The only set back with this figure (from what I’ve heard) is that the Hulk figure is really lacking on articulation.  With the “transforming” action you have to place Banner inside the Hulk’s back – and that means no waist movement.

Close up of Banner

Close up of Banner

The Banner figure really captures Norton’s pained/innocent look.  It is in scale with this line – it’s actually a perfect companion for the G.I. Joe line.  The price points for these figures are about $15.99 and can be found at Targets and Wal-Marts right now.  Here’s a quick shot of all 4 – that’s right!  There are 4 2-packs out there (one is an Abomination 2-pack) I found the last two just last Friday.  I will post them soon.  Maybe this week.

The 2-packs displayed

The 2-packs displayed

4 responses to “Mutating Hulk 2-Pack (2008)

  1. nice ! like mega trap hulk

  2. when i went to toys r us,i saw A WHOLE NOTHER WAVE OF SHS FIGURES! WITH THESE!

  3. Really? Nice! Did you pick them up?

    The SHS with Grey Hulk/Wolverine?

  4. no,instead i got hulk buster soilders.and it did not have that in that wavw,it had leader,szzak(is that how you spell it)and son of hulk with hulk figures

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