Doc Samson Marvel Legends (2008)

Doc Samson Marvel Legends
Doc Samson Marvel Legends

This here is the Doc Samson figure.  It’s actually not too bad but I would rather of had Valykrie.  This is far and away the weakest figure in the new line – I mean, look at that hair!  Actually, I heard the hair is not only ugly but also restrictive to the neck articulation.  Samson has the classic lightning bolt red shirt that he appeared in from the beginning in Incredible Hulk #141 – where did he get that thing anyways?  And how many does he have?  He’s always wearing it – and there has been times that he’s ripped his shirts.  Does he have back ups?  He must!

Listen, other than anyone who wants to complete the line or the Fin Fang Foom figure, really doesn’t need to pick this figure up.  It’s not bad – but that doesn’t make it good.

Vidal Sassoon? I believe it is!
Vidal Sassoon? I believe it is!

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9 thoughts on “Doc Samson Marvel Legends (2008)

  1. I would like to see Biblical Samson fight Marvel Samson and then end the fight with a bottle of Manischewitz. Oy the humanity!!!

  2. One of my friend got this as soon as it was released. He said it’s the worst Marvel figure he’s ever bought. He said that it’s too plastic and has a very strange smell which made him want to throw up…:(

  3. It does look plasticy, but it’s also, to my knowledge the best Doc figure we’ve ever been offered.
    So I like it, and look forward to getting my hands on it.

  4. Well, like you said – we’ve been offered Samson before – so I would’ve liked to see a new character. But I hope you get it soon!

  5. I bought this figure on the pegs and I must say Hasbro is going to destroy themselves. The figure is missing the bicep swivel and worst of all the inner thigh swivel, so his legs can’t go up and down. Marvel Legends is over, long live DC Universe!!

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