Hulk Lunch Boxes (2008)

Hulk Lunch Box #1

Hulk Lunch Box #1

We did it with the backpacks – now we can have a little lunch box fun!  I got a few Hulk lunch boxes as gifts from family members.  The first, above, is a lunch box found at Target.  The Hulk here is a pretty popular movie Hulk pic.  I like lunch boxes that seperate the places you can put your sandwich and the other things in your lunch – like an orange – because whatever else is there always crushes or squishes your sandwich.  And squished sandwiches are just plain bad news.

Hulk Lunch Box #2

Hulk Lunch Box #2

That’s why this, the second lunch box, is so great – it comes with a free sandwich container!  Not only is there a cool Hulk cover, although it’s sparkly, Hulk covers should not be sparkly!  Also, with this Lunch box, it looks like you can fit more – and more lunch is always a good thing.   Mmmm… Lunch!  Another image from the Hulk movie.

Hulk Lunch Box #3

Hulk Lunch Box #3

This one, the last (I know – what a bummer), comes with a free water bottle.  Not a Hulk water bottle – that’s why there is no picture of it – because it’s just a plain white water bottle.  But there is a moving Hulk cover of the Hulk smashing.  First the Hulk has his arms raised over his head – then turn the Lunch Bow slightly – the Hulk is smashing his fists into the ground!  That’s just plain cool!  The image actually looks like it’s from the merchandise from 2003 (the tag claims 2008) but I’m suspect.

Hope this blog made you hungry!  Now go make yourself a peanutbutter and banana sandwich!  Or whatever your favorite sandwich is…  But peanutbutter and banana rocks~!

4 responses to “Hulk Lunch Boxes (2008)

  1. I seen a Hulk water bottle at Wal-Mart. FYI

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  3. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)


  4. Hi there, Im an avid garage sale shopper and occassionally I buy a few things that I will resale but mostly I just shop for me. Well last week I came across a 2008 incredible hulk hulk out tin lunchbox and I can’t seem to find any info on it, none like it listed on amazon or ebay. It has two different images of the hulk on the front and a repeat on the back the front is embossed and 3d like sticking out picture, has marvel code on the bottom, bunch of code like numbers mixed in with dna like strands mixed in background and borders and small lone hulks on the sides. I’m just wanting to resale it for like 5 on amazon but cant find out any info like a upc or isbn number. Cant find it at all online have looked and looked for days now. Any info you supply. I can send you a pic if you contact me directly. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Your site is awesome 🙂

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