Wolverine #66: Old Man Logan (2008)

Wolverine #66 This future, almost elseworlds style, story features a very subdues Logan.  The heroes have fallen and Wolverine, although still alive, has a family and refuses to fight.  He farms on his land with his son and daughter and wife.  He owes rent, that he does not have, to the Banners.  The Hulk’s GranddaughterContinue reading “Wolverine #66: Old Man Logan (2008)”

Hulk Thermos and Soup Container (2008)

Let’s keep this lunch theme going for another day 🙂 Hulk Thermos This is a Hulk Thermos that was picked up for me at Target.  It combines the classy-ness of the silver thermos and the Awesome-ness of the Hulk!  It’s Clawesome!  When you press the button at the top the cover flips open and revealsContinue reading “Hulk Thermos and Soup Container (2008)”