Marvel Legends Hulk: The End (2008)

The End
Marvel Legends Hulk: The End

Happy Monday to all!  Hope the weekend was good – let’s start this week off with a bang!  Peter David wrote a very fitting, sad story about the last days of the Hulk.  Dlae Keown drew it – and made us all realize just how much we miss this team onthe Hulk book.  I will admit that I would’ve liked to see more action but, to tell you the truth, this fit so much more than anything I could have ever thought of.  That being said, Marvel Legends released a Hulk from that memorable story.  He’s balding and angry and almost perfectrly captured here – except that the open sores only really happened to the Hulk when the cockroaches attacked.  Here he looks like the zombie version of the Hulk.  With most of the figures I can say there are definite areas that could use improvement – here I would’ve liked to see some realy hair – like real clumps of stringy hair.  But other than that – I do love this figure!

The End Close-Up
The End Close-Up

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Legends Hulk: The End (2008)

  1. It would’ve been nice to have a “variant” non-open sore HULK…it was a GREAT story, and I’m glad they decided to make the figure.

  2. They are producing variants for this line – the savage grey Hulk will have a green variant – I haven’t heard of a non-sores variant for this figure – but I agree – it would be great.

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