She-Hulk & Thing SHS (2008)


She Hulk & Thing SHS
She Hulk & Thing SHS

The second wave has almost been completely shown!  Here is a 2-pack that will surely have collectors going nuts!  But not really.  It’s a Hulk 2-pack without an actual Hulk figure.  I like the Thing figure – and the Thing and Hulk have had some of the best fights in Marvel history so I’m glad that they chose to have a Thing figure in this line – but why pair him with She-Hulk?  To me She-Hulk was a novelty that should have worn off by now.  Really – it was a female version of the Hulk – and her comics never really sold well.  Peter David made She-Hulk somewhat interesting – and Byrne’s She Hulk was pretty funny – but none of her comics sold well.  I guess they paired her with Thing because she was once an honorary part of the Fantastic Four – but not really even a good addition to the group – that’s why she’s still not part of it.  The 2-pack is worth picking up and some friends of the site have said these might be showing up in retail stores – I haven’t seen them – but if you see them pick them up quick because I don’t think they’re going to be too abundant.

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One thought on “She-Hulk & Thing SHS (2008)

  1. She-Hulk was a member of the Fantastic Four for a short time, but not with the Thing. She actually replaced him. I’m not 100% sure why, I bet Corry knows though…

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