Hulk Season 5 – Out Oct. 21st!


Take a look at the cover art to the final season of this series.  It’s due out on October 21st – as well as the COMPLETE SERIES set!  To see it click on the image and go to the site that announced it.  Now, they haven’t mentioned the Hulk movie release date yet – but I am betting it’s going to be on the same day.  Mark my words!

4 responses to “Hulk Season 5 – Out Oct. 21st!

  1. This show lasted 5 seasons????

  2. Hulk_Smashing!(aka Hulk-man)

    yeah and had 3 movies after it

  3. I know – can you believe it?

    Hey – Corry, I’ve tried to call you but you never answer your phone – call me when you can, brother.

  4. Sorry Ryan, I was at NIN tonight. Call me at work Thursday. I’ll be there all day after 11.

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