Mutating Abomination Figure (2008)

Mutating Abomination
Mutating Abomination

While the Gamma Charged Abomination has still eluded me I did find the third Abomination figure made from the movie.  It’s the 2-pack with the Emil figure.  The Emil figure fits snugly inside the Abom figure – but again, much like the Mutating Hulk figure, there has to be a sacrificein articulation.  The waist does not move – but he does come with a pair of nun-chucks!  Much like in the movie where the Abom broke off some concrete poles and used them in the final fight this figure has the chucks to swing around!  I am still pretty impressed by the likeness in the Emil and Banner figures.  Emil looks just like Roth!  The Banner figure looks just like Norton.  They may fit in perfectly with the G.I. Joe figures – and can you imagine!?!  Hulkbusters against G.I. Joe figures!  The Hulkbusters would win for sure!  They have to deal with the Hulk on a daily basis – what do the Joes have to handle?  A couple of guys in silver masks who scream alot?  Please… no contest!

Close up - of the sweet nun-chucks!
Close up - of the sweet nun-chucks!

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