Stop & Shop Hulk Display (2008)

Stop and Shop display
Stop and Shop display

So, the manager might’ve thought I was crazy to want this – in fact – he made a weird face and then looked back at me like he was waiting for a punch line when I asked for it.  But none-the less he gave it to me.  He told the kid stocking the shelves with ravioli – hey, save this thing – the uh… Hulk?  Yeah, Hulk – save it for this guy right here.  It sounded even like he was trying to blow me off a little but then, whae I went back one day and the Hulk was not displayed any longer, I asked about it – said it should be saved for me – and the guy came out of the back with it – with the little sticker on it that said “Save for customer” 

Full Size!
Full Size!

So, yeah, it holds all the new Hulk movie figures perfectly – all but the 2-packs – but it is great and has the Hulk’s head, chest and right arm on top of the figure holder.  I was pretty psyched because this was the first item that was given to me from the Hulk movie memorabilia.  Then of course the Toys R Us display and the SHS box from Wal-Mart.  What?  I didn’t show you the SHS box yet?  Oh just wait!  It’s awesome!  Coming soon!

Slightly closer to awesomeness
Slightly closer to awesomeness

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6 thoughts on “Stop & Shop Hulk Display (2008)

  1. Best thing to ever do is find someone who works at a cinema and make friends then just ask them for the displays. It works that’s how I got a sweet “The Spirit” display I have no idea what I will do with it or put it but its funny to have

  2. I actually have a friend who is a manager at a theater. He comments on here frequently – Bill – he tried to get me the Hulk standee – but it was a no-go. The man in charge donated it to a children’s museum. He did get me a sweet Incredible Hulk movie poster the size of Rhode Island. It’s hanging up in the Hulk room. 🙂

  3. When I saw the HUGE Hulk display at Toy’s R Us I was hoping to come back shortly to speak with someone about either saving it for me, or even buying it. I couldn’t get back there soon enough, (work), so by the time I could it was changing over to Batman stuff…sigh….

  4. I have that Hulk! It’s the best thing ever! I posted it earlier – it’s at my house – the center of my Hulk room!

  5. Yeah, believe me, I saw it when you first posted it…I think that’s what made me go into a fetal position for a few minutes thinking about how dumb it was that I didn’t go back for it…live and learn, no?

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