Hulk Party Packs (2008)

Hulk Party Favors
Hulk Party Favors

These are just a couple of packs that are out right now.  They have party plates and cups – Okay, listen, I didn’t buy these!  They were bought for me!  I love my Hulk collection but what the hell am I going to do with these?  You can’t even display them!  I love the action figures – I love the statues – I really love the comics – but I never get this kind of crap.  Hey I love the Hulk but this is a little overkill.  So, until my birthday, I have a few party packs to decorate my room.

I know that’s a crappy thing to leave you with over the weekend – but I have the final SHS figures from wave 2 coming up next week as well as Wave 3 arriving Tues. or Wed.  I have a lot better for next week as well as the review for Skaar #’s 2 & 3 – I waited to give a review for #2 because… well, I forgot.  Sorry.  See you Monday Hulkatics!

Hulk Party Pack
Hulk Party Pack

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5 thoughts on “Hulk Party Packs (2008)

  1. Don’t forget to take time off on Monday – it’s LABOR DAY…!

    Oh yeah – you’re missing the Hulk goodie bags…

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