Hulk vs. Black Bolt SHS (2008)

King Hulk Black Bolt
King Hulk Black Bolt

Here is the best 2-pack of Wave 2.  Why?  Well, if you aren’t up on your Hulk history then let me enlighten you… in WWH #1 when the Hulk reaches the moon he is faced with the Inhumans.  Hulk and Black Bolt face off and the end resuly is the Hulk charging after Black Bolt exclaiming “I want to hear you scream!”  Again, if you’re not up on the Marvel info – BlackBolt’s power lies in his voice.  And it was one of the only real great moments of WWH.  The 2nd print used that scene as it’s cover.  Man, it was so memorable that I was psyched to see they made a 2-pack of these characters!  Black Bolt’s costume reminds me of Havock’s classic costume.  See what I mean here.  Except for those metal wings… what the hell do they do?  Wave 3 should be here by Tuesday – maybe Wednesday – I will tell you this though… I would’ve loved for them to make a classic Abomination figure in this series – but we do get another classic villian. Try to guess who!

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8 thoughts on “Hulk vs. Black Bolt SHS (2008)

  1. Ratchet – not sure if you’ve kept up with the whole Marvel Commics Secret Invasion thing, but since it started, and it was revealed that BlackBolt was a Skrull, I wonder if this “Hulk vs. The Real BlackBolt” is due for another round….I loved the World War Hulk series and I’m waiting for the HC of “Planet Hulk”…

  2. I was talking about the Leader…

    And although I have not kept up with Secret Invasion I would love to see a rematch with Black Bolt and Hulk

  3. Love that classic Havok costume, my all time favorite. Black Bolt was Skrull so Hulk didn’t beat the real deal. But how did the Skrull keep his form as Black Bolt after he was beaten within an inch of his life?

  4. Not sure…come to think of it, he bled quite a bit and it was red wasn’t it? Hmmm…I’ll check to see if the comic message boards haven’t already covered this topic…nonetheless, HULK RULES…!!!

  5. how about when odin combined the powers of thor,hulk superman,and
    galactus to form razach to fight the star giant titaniach who had the power
    sword anti-matttium and the stolen sheild of eternity that would be a battle huh.

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