Frankenstein vs. Hulk – This October!

Looks like it will be a really fun read!  Check it out by clicking on the cover above!

12 responses to “Frankenstein vs. Hulk – This October!

  1. No thanks…..

  2. But it’s the Hulk!

    And Franky!

  3. Well to be a horror nerd and nit picker…It’s Frankenstein’s Monster, if the Frankenstein had fought the Hulk…he’d be the one they would use for parts.

    • Dr. Frankenstein vs Bruce Banner, and then Bruce Banner gets mad, turns to the Hulk and Dr.Frankenstein calls his monster. That would be a good start.

  4. Still very cooool

  5. I ment Doctor Frankenstein*

  6. Clever…plus, it’s set in the past….

  7. You know hulk would win he has at least 100 times the srength and like 10 the speed and also hulk WAS CREATED form franky so he’ll know franks moves

  8. Corry, are we the only ones with any sense? This is the worst idea that’s come along in a long while. What a monumental waste of money it would be to but this piece of crap. The comic equivalent of Patch Adams.

  9. Oh comeon! It’s no where near Patch Adams territory!

  10. Halloween + Hulk = SMASH!

  11. Alright maybe not Patch Adams but definitely Troll 2 territory.

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