Hulk Mask (1978)

Hulk Mask

Hulk Mask

I love finding unique Hulk items like this one – it’s a Hulk mask from 1978, even has that Ferigno look to it, and it’s way more comfortable then any on the newer masks they have on the market.  It’s rubber – but the back is cloth and hair – so it doesn’t get too hot when wearing it.  Once I got it I had my neice put it on and threw the Hulk hands on her and scared her little brother half to death.  It happened so quick I couldn’t get any pictures.  But it was hilarious 😀



I found a few Hulk masks at my local costume shop – but I’m not sure I want to buy them (I probably will – but maybe save some money by buying off ebay) but none of them are as cool as this one though.  I love these vintage pieces.  So much more personality than the new stuff.  Although, I do love the new stuff!

9 responses to “Hulk Mask (1978)


  2. You like it I see!

  3. I don’t know what kinda mojo you’ve got, but you seem to find the best Hulk pieces…!!! Since stumbling across your site, I’ve noticed a significant increase in HULK items that I buy for my own collection – old & new….YIKES!

  4. Ryan, please stop buying this stuff. If not for me, for Olivia…….

  5. It does look a little ferrigno although it looks more like The other hulk in Season four of the bixby/ferrigno series The episode called “THE FIRST”

  6. but when I look at this Mask now I know why Banner wants to get rid of the hulk, THAT MASK IS ALL BIG,HAIRY,AND NOSE FILLED!!!!!!!

  7. Hulk-Man(returning all the time)

    and maybe, he thinks it’s a “Curse”….. But I don’t know!

  8. i wish i could wear this for halloween

  9. Hi mate
    I’m a huge ferrigno fan and looking for a mask my son is 10 and has devoted his life to hulk if you we’re to sell it how much would the price be he wants it so so so much and if you know anyone who is selling one like this e mail me at his been wanting it for how long you have had it on your website when I said its not for sale he cried. If you sell it you will thank you forever .
    Yours sincerely blake
    Ps please consider it.

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