Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)

Gray Hulk in Package
Gray Hulk in Package

I did promise you 2 posts today – so here is a very new – very rare figure out there.  That’s right, I have some of the wave 3 Movie Hulk Figures.  Let me tell you – they were not easy to find – nor are they cheap.  Each of the figures are based on the video game that was based on the movie.  You can use a bunch of different Hulk personalities – one being the gray (man, when will people stop spelling it with an a?) Hulk. 

Close Up of Gray Hulk
Close Up of Gray Hulk

The figure itself is really cool – the color… ummm… looks a bit sloppy.  Listen, I would have gotten this figure either way, but, this figure looks like a mess!  I do like the STOP sign that he comes with.  It’s pretty realistic with the screws in the sign and the rubble on it’s base.  Overall, if I were grading figures, this figure would get a B-.  By all means, if you are lucky enough to see these figures in the stores then pick it up.  If you choose not to keep it then you can make a small profit by selling it on ebay.  Anyways, see you tomorrow!

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16 thoughts on “Gray Hulk Video Game Figure (2008)

  1. The price doesn’t have to be high on these. I picked them up a few weeks ago on for 9.99 plus reasonable shipping. Just an FYI for shoppers!

  2. What’s up Toyjesus! Actually, I’m glad you made this comment because I was still looking for 2 of the figures when someone told me about – wish I did that right away rather than getting 3 of the figures off ebay first – but live and learn. Anyways – yes – if anyone wants these figures they are available right now on

  3. Yeah, I lived and learned as well, spending too much for the deluxe to find them on the website a day later. I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your site and your sense of humor. It’s great coming here and checking out your reviews. I often share your opinion and really appreciate the laugh I get when reading your latest…thanks for providing.

  4. FYI, I found the lastest two deluxe figures from the movie at Target. Its the sonic cannon hulkbuster vs. Hulk and the hulkbuster that comes with the abomination blaster gun vs. abomination. The Hulk is identical to the TRU Epic Tunnel Clash but with eyebrows, the abomination is completely identical to the first. The hulkbuster with gun is identical to an earlier hulkbuster as well. Somehow they still get my 15.99! I know that isn’t “grey hulk” stuff, but I didn’t know where else to put the FYI!

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