Miniature Alliance Hulk (2008)

Miniature Alliance Hulk

Miniature Alliance Hulk

I got these about a month ago – I’m not sure if they are part of a role playing game or if Marvel is trying to capitalize on The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection – the little lead painted guys – but these aren’t too shabby.  There are two releases of each figure – one is a figure that has a base so it can stand and the other is a key chain.  Since I have the coolest key chain in the world (I showed you yesterday) then I left this one on the package.  Pretty sweet overall – they also have Cap, Spiderman, Wolvie, Iron Man and Venom in this series – now all I have to wait for is the inevitable grey variant…

Minature Alliance Hulk Key Chain

Minature Alliance Hulk Key Chain

18 responses to “Miniature Alliance Hulk (2008)

  1. Sweet…! Where did you track this one down?

  2. Ratchet-

    Did the Venom symbiote ever take over the Hulk? I got into this fight with my room mate, but I can NOT find it anywhere in my Hulk encyclopedia or any comic that I own. Help!??

  3. The only place it could’ve happened was Hulk vs. Venom by Peter David – but I can’t recall that happening. I might have to go back and read the book again. I’ll let you know.

  4. And What If The Symbiote Possesed spider-man Hulk gets taken over by the symbiote

  5. i found a pic of a hulk-venom thing on google. looks like venom won…i mean hulk’s head is on the floor

  6. Hey Toythinker – to answer your question – I got these at a comic shop in New Bedford.

  7. Thanks man!

  8. Dude that venom is awesome looking, I love the way it was drawn.

  9. I know it’s freaking awesome!!! In fact I love that so much that I named my self “Venom-Hulker_1” on comicvine I want it to sound like there are more like me

  10. Where did you find that Hulk-Man(always on)?

  11. I was talking about the link. I only know that it is from a what if from the 8o’s

  12. Best keychain ever –

  13. I found this figure at a big lots recently lol…

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