Grey Hulk vs. Leader SHS

Grey Hulk vs. The Leader SHS

Grey Hulk vs. The Leader SHS

The second 2-pack of wave 3 is one of the best – featuring my favorite Hulk villian of all time – The Leader!  Classic style Leader too, with the tall head, although, this Leader seems to be really happy about something.  I don’t think the Leader has ever been this happy about anything – but good lord – maybe he finally figured out how to make a female version of those pesky humanoids he was always making.  Did they ever really HELP him in anyway to complete his evil genius plans?  I don’t think so…

Anyways, the Leader also comes with one of his handy little remotes.  The Leader bust by Randy Bown also had him carrying one of those – which makes sense because it’s not the Leader ever fought his battles – he’s more of a behind the scenes villian.  Which is one of my favorite things about him.

Leader playing couch commando with his remote...

Leader playing couch commando with his remote...

The Grey (Gray) Hulk in this 2-pack is a repainted movie Hulk.  I don’t mind getting some of the same figures, seriously, as long as they have tried to do SOMETHING to make it a little different.  Making this Hulk grey was all I needed to be happy with this awesome 2-pack.

Before I end this post I just wanted to let everyone know that has these and the 3rd wave of the movie Hulk figures on sale for retail prices.  Sure, you still have to pay for shipping, but it’s better than having to pay for the inflated prices that ebay is offering – and still have to pay for shipping! – Thanks to Toyjesus for bringing this to light last week.

3 responses to “Grey Hulk vs. Leader SHS

  1. I am inspired to make this my only SHS purchase

  2. It’s one of my favorites.

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