Bi-Beast Figure (2008)

Bi-Beast Figure (in all his glory)

Bi-Beast Figure (in all his glory)

A lot of people have said that they are going to wait for a BAF Marvel Legends Bi-Beast – but since Marvel hasn’t announced any Bi-Beast BAF this is what we’ve got – and I have to say, it’s not that bad!  It’s not in scale with the Marvel Legends figures of course – and it does have the armor that the Bi-Beast wears in the video game and most people would like Bi-Beast without the armor – but still!  Look at that face – er… faces!  I think this is till the most sought after figure of the third wave.  They were selling on ebay for about $30.00 when they first surfaced but are still available to order on for retail.

Close up of Bi Beast's mug - ummm - mugs.
Close up of Bi Beast
It looks as though he’s wearing some eye shadow here.  That’s almost as embarrassing as his appearance in Incredible Hulk #412 where the faces argued over She-Hulk’s love.  Pretty bad – and that was written by Peter David.  If you want a good read then pick up Incredible Hulk # 169.  There!  Now you have the assignment – go to it!

4 responses to “Bi-Beast Figure (2008)

  1. hulk thinks bibeast is cool!

  2. Bi-Beast is one of the best Hulk villians – maybe not the most well known – but still one of the best!

  3. I think they should have him or like Juggernaut in the next movie or some cool villain

  4. I would love to see Juggy in the next movie – especially after the terrible showing in X-Men 3. I can’t see Bi-Beast ever making it into the movies – but here’s to hoping!

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