A Quick Peek at the Hulkbuster FS…

Hulk 2007 with upcoming Hulkbuster FS

Hulk 2007 with upcoming Hulkbuster FS

This has been requested – a sneek peek at the Bowen Designs upcoming Hulkbuster Iron Man Full Statue.  I probably won’t be getting this – but far be it for me to deny others the chance to preview it.

12 responses to “A Quick Peek at the Hulkbuster FS…

  1. you did 🙂

  2. if I could buy it I would! but then again i’d actually need a HULK or it would just be a buster

  3. Bowen….ruleeeeesssssss. That is art!

  4. GOOD TIMES!!!

  5. Ratchet-

    I have some Hulk stuff I’d like to donate. I can assume you live in Massachusetts as do I. So I would have problem sending you these things if you wanted them. I figure that these items need a better home. As much as I love the Hulk I think you deserve them more. You have my e-mail adress, I think if not.


    Let me know they are just collecting dust. It’s an old Hulk Magazine black and white and the first page is the editor appologizng to an artist/writer for being homophobic. The other thing is a VHS tape from I think 80’s. Thats all the info I have now, I don’t have internet at home where the stuff is, otherwise I’d find links to show you what I have.

  6. I would have* no *problem sending you these thing

    I should really re-read what I write.

  7. Uhhh… no. Will’s right – Plymouth, MA. Where the pilgrims and that famous rock is…

  8. Massecheusets Maine
    I meant maine but wrote Maryland

  9. sorry I accidently posted with my mom’s info saved in the computer

  10. There’s Melaware, Mokata, Mirginia, Malifornia, Moscow, Mcdonalds, Mongebob Marepants so many m’s

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