Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)

1 Bust
Hulk 1:1 Bust


Turn to the left!
Turn to the left!


I could be wrong here – but I think it came out in 2003.  Anyways, It’s Friday and I’m all excited because I waited ’till the end of the week to show you this masterpiece (let you guys digest this awesomeness over the weekend).  Based on Alex Ross’ artwork (who I’ve heard is a tool – but man, what a talented tool!) sculpted by the very talented Mike Hill it is the only Hulk life size collectible – that is until the life-size props came out – but still, this massive piece commands attention and has landed a coveted spot in my Hulk room. 

Turn to the right!
Turn to the right!

The base of this guy has a small name plate on the front, I guess that’s my only real complaint here, not a fan of name plates at all.  I know a guy who has a repaint of the bust.  He didn’t like the color of the original.  The color doesn’t really bother me.  Sure, it could have been a different shade – more based off the comics kind of coloring – but this almost pleases the Grey and Green Hulk fans.  At the same time!

Comparison Pic with the Bowen 2003 Hulk statue
Comparison Pic with the Bowen 2003 Hulk statue

They made 1,962 of these green goliaths – commemorating the year he was created (finally, someone got it right!) and this is #458.  I ask though, looking at the Sideshow LSB and this – why do the sculpters continually sculpt the Hulk’s face with gritting teeth?  A much better facial expression of anger is the screaming Hulk.  If screaming isn’t really an option then how about a miffed smirk?  Why not?  Why does he always have to bear his teeth like he’s trying out for the next Crest commercial?

Another comparison - with SS PF - but there is no beating the PF!
Another comparison - with SS PF - but there is no beating the PF!

 As you can tell the only other Hulk piece that beats this massive guy is the Sideshow Hulk PF.  But even he gets a run for his money!  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend – I will return on Monday.  Next week I will show one of my favorite Hulk movie merchandise pieces ever!

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4 thoughts on “Mike Hill’s Dynamic Forces Hulk 1:1 Bust (2003)

  1. Very cool piece based on the one of the most respected comic artists of all-time. I’ve met Ross a couple of times and he couldn’t have been nicer. He also had a really good sense of humor.

  2. Very cool piece. I like the gritted teeth look. If the original concept of the character is as a representation of anger than the grinding teeth, or as you said a good scream, would make the most sense. A menacing smirk would come across as more of a mean or sadistic form of aggression. That would suit the Grey Hulk, King Hulk or even Red Hulk (to name a few). I think what they were trying to accomplish here was to get the feel of the original Hulk, how he was when he first appeared in Hulk #1. A smirk wouldn’t make sense with that character.

    On another note…I used to come to your site almost daily, but then you said you were gonna post only once, maybe twice, a week. So I slowed down to just coming by weekly. So I came on this morning and notice you’ve posted just about every day. Nice to see you took that slow down idea seriously.

  3. Yeah – I’m posting pretty much once Monday through Friday…

    I tried to slow down – but I can’t stop! I have issues!

    As for Ross – I have never met him and I’m sure he is a really nice guy. I was only jesting. I do remember a few reports about him making unflattering comments about other artists

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