Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)

Skaar and Hulk SHS
Skaar and Hulk SHS

There are people who have expressed their distaste for the Superhero Squad.  There are people who have said that they are ugly – and here’s the good news – you’re right.  But let’s remember the other things that are terribly ugly yet still popular.  Who remembers Furby?  Or even better – Garbage Pail Kids?  Remember those?  They had 2 names for each character so you had to buy twice the amount of cards?  Man, those guys are marketing geniuses.  How about Madballs?  Who is old enough to have had those things?  I might’ve had all of them.  Anyways, my point is – these aren’t that bad – and they are of characters we love and adore!  Well, maybe we don’t love Skaar – but we all love the Hulk!  Here’s another dose of good news for all that don’t like this line: There is only ONE more 2-pack in wave 3 and the entire run is completed!  After next Monday there will no other SHS Hulk 2-packs.  Moment of silence please.  Does Skaar look fat to anyone else?  The Hulk here is a little… strange.  He has a ripped shirt still on that says Banner – that’s pretty cool – but the figure itself is a bit hoakie.  Who uses the word hoakie?  Well, see everyone tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Hulk & Son of Hulk SHS (2008)

  1. When is it? BTW – Cool figs…didn’t even know that they were going to do Skaar…! The ripped shirt HULK is a must have.

  2. November 2nd it’s like 10 bucks to get and start at 10am located at the back bay events center.

    corner of berkeley and stuart street

  3. I remember Madballs! I had Crackhead (which took on a whole new meaning shortly after the toys debuted). A truly sick toy, it was a head with the top half of his skull ripped off exposing his brain. Lots of blood and ooze was pouring out of his head, too. I think I was about 8 or 9 when I got that fun little guy.

  4. Sorry, totally unrelated to the almighty Hulk. I hope I don’t get lynched for going off-topic 🙂

    Ry and Bill – did you guys happen to see “Burn After Reading” this weekend? Curious to see what you guys thought. Nate and I saw it – thought it was hilarious…”Osborne Cox?”

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