Ironclad Figure (2008)


The U-Foes?  Probably the coolest villians to face off with the Hulk.  They have a long history with the Hulk to boot – starting with issue #254.  The Hulk likes to smash them – and they must like it because they keep coming back for more!  Anyways, Ironclad here is the Big Gun in the team, still no match for the Hulk, but he’s their muscle.  The U-Foes have a starring role in the new video game – hence the figure – the sculpting could be better – he reminds a few people of those Rock’em Sock’em robots – but still cool to finally have a figure!

Close up of Ironclad
Close up of Ironclad


Close up - but higher - of Ironclad
Close up - but higher - of Ironclad

Tune in tomorrow – I will show you one of my favorite Hulk Movie Merch from 2008!

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5 thoughts on “Ironclad Figure (2008)

  1. Hey. I just started reading your blog and I would just like to day its amazing. I would also like to point you towards this:

    This is Ultimate Hulk Annual #1. I think this might be the start to an ongoing Ultimate Hulk series. It was recently anounced that Ultimate Fantastic Four and X-Men would be ending at their 60th and 100th issues respectivley. I think Hulk and Captain America might be replacing them. Thanks for reading my comment.

  2. It’s good to see Ironclad made into a figure. But I haven’t see it yet, and maybe it won’t be available here in Taiwan. But the way, it’s too bad that it has poor articulations.:(

  3. They didn’t seem to put a lot of thought into wave 3 of this series. It is too bad since this is the first time they made certain characters – like you said…

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