Mega Blocks Hulk Playset (2008)

Incredible Hulk Mega Blocks Playset
Incredible Hulk Mega Blocks Playset
back of package
back of package

I promised the coolest thing ever – and I deliver!  At least I think it’s the coolest thing ever.  The Hulk Head is a playset – it opens in the back – it can also hold all the open legos once you’ve opened all the packages.  Actually my favorite part to this playset is the tiny Hulk and Abomination figures that come with it.  Ever since I saw the Spiderman playsets I was waiting patiently for these to appear in my local Toys R Us.  They never did – I imagined that they never made them – but then, much to my surprise, I saw this on ebay not too long ago and thankfully was the only bidder!  You can set up the whole last scene from the movie and play it out right in your own backyard! 

The Abomination’s spikes on his back are so big that it makes him look like a punk rocker and, is it just me or does the Hulk look like a green, strung out Keith Richards?  They both are pretty hard to stand without the support of a lego base – well, no wonder!  Look how little their legs are!  Cripes, if they were really like this they would be dwarfs (or midgets, depending on how politically incorrect you want to get)

Yes, I will say it once more – this is absolutely my favorite item to come out of the Hulk merchandise – at least, so far…

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