Hulk #6 – The Review

Green and Red Hulk variants for issue#6

Green and Red Hulk variants for issue#6

Well, I am as confused as ever.  As always if you don’t want any spoilers then don’t read any further than… HERE!  Because I basically go through the whole issue.  And since I posted 4 – that’s right 4! – times yesterday this will be the only post today.  I spoil you guys… 😛  Alright, here we go.

The story open immediately after the end of issue 5 with Iron Man, She Hulk, Ares, The Thing, The Human Torch and Namor all coming to help the Hulk take out Red.  Hulk refuses help and even calls Ares “Broom Head” (the whole exchange is pretty funny).  A-Bomb stares down the Thing in a face off of the uglies while She-Hulk tells the Hulk everyone thinks Red is Samson.  Hulk jumps off to fight Red and Iron Man questions how he even knows where to look.  So, the rest of the heroes start to clean up the damage done to the city – and that’s it for them.  By page 6 their contribution to the story is over. Man, it’s really good that they were used so effectively.  Nice writing Loeb.  That was a waste of our time…

Green Hulk finds Red who is still patting himself on the back from the fight with Thor.  They battle for a few pages – and just as it’s getting good Thor comes in with Mjolnir and starts to beat on Red himself – saying that he shouldn’t talk about his victory against him.  Hulk gets up to join in the fight again when A-Bomb points out that the Red gets hotter (temperature wise you freaks!) the madder he gets.  Wait, A-bomb can’t get through a sentence without saying his own name but he’s the one to figure this all out?  Okay, moving on…

Now, Thor is just to get the best of Red when Hulk steps back into the fight.  A-Bomb does a little butt-kissing to Thor and asks him to stay out of the fight.  Thor agrees. There is another Hulk/Red exchange of fists.  While Hulk is getting his ass handed to him Red finally notices that he is getting really hot.  Then this happens:

Green Hulk stops Red Hulk - get it?

Green Hulk stops Red Hulk - get it?

Hulk stands over Red boasting how the only real Hulk is green (which is what I’ve been saying all along!) and then Thor and Hulk make nice with each other.  Hulk walks off into the desert saying he is tired – while transforming back into Banner – just as A-Bomb, who is turning back into Rick Jones, is trying to tell him who the Red is.  He never gets to because he is shot, and knocked out by… Leonard Samson!  That’s right – and even more – he has long hair!  See for yourself:

No Shirt No Shoes No Service

No Shirt No Shoes No Service

General Ross stands over Red saying that he failed.  They gave him everything he needed to kill the Hulk and he still failed.  Then he says Red is on his own as he walks away.  The End.

Wait, what?!?  Who the hell is the Red Hulk?  Still, we have no idea!  And the story just got more confusing!  So the Red works for Samson and Ross – okay fine – but why did Samson have short hair when the story first started – and why did he kill the Abomination?  What was the point?  Wow, I feel like I’m reading an episode of LOST.  The ending is intriguing – and I have no idea where they are going with this – but seriously?  Could they draw out this whole Who is Red Hulk thing any longer?  Not to mention – issue 6 should have been out in June – and it’s September.  A more enjoyable issue than the last few – hopefully with more answers to follow.  I give it a D


35 responses to “Hulk #6 – The Review

  1. I feel like a dumb ass spending my money on this series. I spend all my money on these comics and America is going broke. Red Hulk needs to go and do us all favor and give us our money back then go to the white house and the federal reserve a paint it red. This comic was such a cop out.

  2. Definetly not what was promised. We were led to believe that the identity of the Red Hulk would be revealed. We were also led to believe there was going to be a battle royal with all those characters – but all we got was another HULK/HULK fight with a different outcome. Boo.

  3. man what a total disappointment! i was stoked when i first heard about this series, but issue after issue it let us all down. after planet hulk/ world war hulk, to get this was like a slap in the face of us hulk fans. i agree, BOO!!!!!!!!!

  4. Is it possible that the Rulk is Emil Blonsky? I do not recall ever seeing that the corpse of Abomination was actually recovered.

    didn’t Samson meet his alternate universe self recently? That could explain the long hair.

    I never expected it to be Samson with all the clues. They were really setting it up to be a shocker, but the biggest shock was there was no revelation…..way to go Marvel

  5. I agree with the reviewer on most points. This shallow series (little more than mcguiness eyecandy written by a saturday morning cartoon writer) could’ve been redeemed with a great ending, but if Loeb intended to solve the problem he posed at the beginning of the series (Red Hulk’s ID), this weak attempt fails on all counts.

    Most of us already suspected Sampson, but I gotta echo Kitty Pryde when I reached the end of the issue:

  6. Hulk-Man(always on)

    remember there are mor rulk issues coming out

  7. I don’t think that is the point – the series so far as been a disappointment and the mystery of the Red Hulk isn’t going to matter if there are no more readers to find out who he is…

  8. It was very disappointing. The first few issues were promising but then he was kicking everyone very easily then all of a sudden he’s finished!? dangerous? too many questions left that needed answering.

  9. Totall dissapointment. i want the green scar hulk back.

  10. Wow. While I commiserate with those who spent good money on this comic, I also thank you for the detailed reviews, as they’ve saved me from wasting my own funds. Geez Loeb, suck much lately?

    So I see two big problems with this – one being the obvious identity issue of Rulk (what about Ryker, I know it was implied he died in WWH, but was it ever confirmed?), but the other one that bugs me is Ross’s comments. He implies that he either helped create the Rulk, or helped arm him, and then states he’s on his own, essentially allowing another immensely powerful hulk to run loose.

    That doesn’t seem like the Ross whose life was wrapped up in destroying the Hulk – why would he help create and then abandon another one? Makes no sense at all.

    And boy does Samson suck – I remember him in the older comics, and although he went toe-to-toe with Banner many times, he was still kinda on his side of things. Since when has he turned into an almost villain?

  11. Wow! Good observation about Ross! Not one I picked up on! Kudos goes to you!

  12. I QUIT, if someone could be kind enough and email the identity of Rulk when its revealed (my estimate puts it around 2010) I’d appreciate it. I’m a poor college kid and cannot afford this series anymore, but do not worry- I am going to burn the first six issues for warmth and sustenance. I will admit this one was one of the better of the series and does have me asking more questions, damn curiosity…. and how about the Turner variant!

    Who am I kidding, Loeb is big tobacco and I am addicted, may not be good or good for me but its too late for me, I am hooked and already looking for my fix, HULK #7 October.

  13. Best way for me to sum up this issue……WEAK

  14. Let’s hope that #7 comes out in October – but my guess is we’ll be lucky to get 1 more issue in before the end of the year.

  15. Ryker isn’t a bad idea. I’m one of the rare people who generally like red hulk 1-5 and giant size 1 issue, my favorite being 5.

    the only thing that pissed me off was the watcher getting hit and saying ow with fear in his eyes.

    Now 6 comes out and WTF is this SH1T! Seriously, I love hulk, I have ALL of his comics… trust me when I say ALL! But this has to be the lowest I’ve seen since the hulk fighting tyrannus with gamma strength. I hate life. And loeb! you wrote hush, long Halloween, spiderman blue, daredevil yellow, hulk grey. And they were all very good. Loeb… go choke on a !@#$!@ #$%!#$^!@ #$!@#$!@# $!@%!@# $!@#!$#@

    I’m done

  16. Wow! so what did you really think?

  17. I just picked it up (and will be talking about it on my blog soon) and it was not as good as I hoped it would be.

  18. I am leaning toward the Major Talbot theory. He supposedly died fighting Hulk on a volcano in issue #260, with a fighting suit linked to his mind. I don’t know, the “milk sop” comment seems like some thing Talbot would say.

    This blog goes in to more detail.

  19. Hey I know this is off topic but do you collect She-Hulk or are you strictly Hulk.

  20. Well, KC – I do have some She-Hulk figures – some of the comics – but mostly it’s just the Hulk…

    By the way… what’s your blog address?

  21. Interesting theory John – but that would mean Loeb would have to actually know what he was writing about!

    Just kidding – great blog and I would be thoroughly impressed if that’s who it turned out to be!

  22. My blog address is:

    I started it because I really liked your blog and so I decided to start my own. I hope you don’t mind but I put a link to your blog on it.

  23. There was a ‘have you figured it out yet’ page in that issue with nine pictures. It sure looks to me like the top left is the only possible candidate, but I can’t figure out who that is supposed to be. Anybody have any insights?

  24. That is a pic of Doc Samson from the first few issues when he had short hair. The fact that they show that image suggests something – but then who is the new Samson that we see with long hair at the end of this issue?

  25. well, i think is Quatermain… the set-up to his death convinced me… his is trained shield agend, he loves weapons and he is connected with all of them…

  26. Time Traveling time with Doc Samson. I don’t think Samson and Ross saw each other. So technically Red Hulk could still be current Doc Samson.

  27. That’s also an interesting theory… Ross did say “we” though. Who was he referring to if he didn’t mean Samson

  28. I think its the Samson (crew cut) from the first issues – BUT he is not really samson – and i don’t think there is a time paradox or anything going on – why did the normal looking samson have no shirt and torn pants?

  29. Very frustrating that Marvel would take this tact to resolve what was an exciting, if light series. This new “heat vulnerability” potentially ruins Rulk as a character, and the reversion of Hulk to dumb Hulk after the highs of WWH destroys the last three years of character progression. This was one of my guilty pleasures each month, but now they’ve gone and ruined it.

  30. thissroeoioisoisansepicphail in normal speech this means this series is an epic fail loeb has ruined hulk red hulk was agood idea but the dizzeness when he got ho is a no.savage hulk being in the spotlight is also dumb.

  31. It’s always a ploy to get you to buy more comics. I especially hate it when they continue one series into another one just to get you to start reading that other (often less popular) series. I enjoyed the idea of this series, but the character development and the whole revelation of Rulk was disappointing. There were too many things left dangling. Earlier, She-hulk was angier than heck, but in the end, she’s just happy to pick up garbage. Reed Richards – where was he in the end? Was watching the Mets game more important than saving the west coast of the US or was he secretly buying up real estate on the other side of the San Andreas fault? What about Maria Hill, was she giving the Helecarrier an oil change?
    And in the end, the Red Hulk just gets hotter and hotter and then what? – He should have strunk or exploded or something.
    Who’s the Rulk. If they come up with some stupid parallel universe Doc Samson, then that will just be pathetic. It should have been revealed as Ross, who’s the one who hates the Hulk/Banner the most. He would have been the logic choice to go to such an extreme to kill the Hulk after losing his beloved daughter to Banner.
    If Marvel wants to do this series justice, they should pull issue #6 and claim that it was just a dream.

  32. I read it! I HATED it!!! What a let down. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover and boy were they right. This series has gone nowhere. Case in point why add all the other characters in the first few pages just to have them basically do nothing. Mr Loeb please go back to writing Hallmark carsds. (Their just as shallow and should only be read once)!!!!!

  33. Yes SB – I said the same thing – it’s been nonsense and a waste of time for a while now.

  34. well i got 2 people, general tolbot; reason he hates banner, and if you pay attention rulk refers to hulk as banner. and also took betty from him his love. reason 2 they cloned samson theres two..

    • Sorry it’s definitely Ross – Talbot’s too obscure to any other than Hulk fans…

      Think about it – who else would hate the Abomination so much? Well, Ross – because Emil killed his daughter! Not to mention his hatred for the Hulk over the years – and it would be a much better revelation to have Ross who has hounded and tried to destroy the Hulk since issue #1

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