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A Grail to be Sure…

If you have enough scratch to purchase this now – then do it.  I can’t get it – but you NEVER see this piece on ebay – especially with the Banner bust with it.  Get it – get it now – but be prepared to spend thousands.  And do it quick becuase it ends in 10 hours…

Click on the image for the auction.

Hulk vs. Zzzax SHS (2008)

Hulk vs. Zzzax

Hulk vs. Zzzax

I have every wave of SHS.  Wave 2 at least made it to some specialty shops – but wave 3 was available only from ordering off the internet.  And it’s too bad too – because this is my favorite 2-pack.  Zzzax made his first appearence in the comics at issue #166 but my favorite issue that has a Zzzax story has to be #285.  Zzzax even fought the Rick Jones Hulk – which, who wouldn’t want to fight him? But, I digress.  The best thing about these figures is that Zzzax is made of translucent plastic – this is how I would envision him to look in live action.  I also like to imagine that every time I touch this figure it shocks me – wait, crap… did I say that out loud?  I mean – it’s just a figure! It’s not really made of electricity!  (I wonder how how hard it would be to connect it to a power source?)  The Hulk is the same Hulk that you get in the series with Spiderwoman -although this is a darker shade of green – but funny enough the Zzzax is so cool I don’t mind the recasting of this Hulk.