A Grail to be Sure…

If you have enough scratch to purchase this now – then do it.  I can’t get it – but you NEVER see this piece on ebay – especially with the Banner bust with it.  Get it – get it now – but be prepared to spend thousands.  And do it quick becuase it ends in 10 hours…

Click on the image for the auction.

7 responses to “A Grail to be Sure…

  1. Now ratchet, you must of seen my collection on statue forum.com. Its by no means as good as yours, but i think its safe to say i’m just as big a hulk nut as you, maybe more as i have him tattooed on my arm. But even if i had the cash, i dont see how i could justify it on that statue. It looks great, but i’d rather a green one. Over 5 grand?! Like thats a car! I’d rather the nine foot statue based on the new movie hulk. Have you seen that prick? Now thats worth 5 grand!

  2. I have something more rare than that… CAUSE IT’S THE ONLY ONE EVER MADE!!!! and it’s hulk-related

  3. I like the colored statues better to be sure – actually, I wouldn’t buy the Faux Bronze piece because I think it looks pretty lame – but man oh man would I love this statue. Maybe it’s not for everyone – but the rarity and the fact that it is made of pure bronze – plus the Banner bust that comes with it? Yeah, I would get this over the life-size any day.

    But that’s just me.

  4. Bronze or not, there is only one diffinetive hulk statue and thats the good old premium format which we both have. You just dont get any better than that. And that cost me ten times less than this statue lol! You going to be getting the fine art movie statue? I think it looks awesome. Can only afford hulk, would of loved abomination to go with it though.

  5. I pre-ordered mine – should get it as soon as they come out! I didn’t get the Abomination either. I didn’t like the way it looked.

  6. $7,700 final price. Woo-ee. Dang.

  7. Tell me about it…

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