Gamma Charged Abomination (2008)


Gamma-Charged Abomination

Gamma-Charged Abomination

This figure was alluding me for so long I finally broke down and bought it off of Habro’s website.  And then, strangely enough, I went into the Taunton Target on Saturday and not only did they have the last 2 deluxe figures I needed they also had 2 Gamma Charged Abomination’s on the pegs!  2 of them!  I was almost tempted to buy another just so that I could say I bought it myself!  But, alas, I didn’t buy another.  There are a few of these on ebay – some are up for about $30.00 – but no one buys these off ebay.  The cool feature on these is the fact that when you press on the Abomination’s torso the spikes on his back “grow”.  They don’t make enough toys nowadays that are dangerous to kids – this is pretty much one of those toys and I for one am glad to see it!  Now, let’s see some kids poke their little eyes out on these!

Close -up of Abomination

Close -up of Abomination

3 responses to “Gamma Charged Abomination (2008)

  1. Meh! It looks slightly different than the original. You know what would of been awesome? A marvel legends hulk movie line like they did with spiderman 3. The legend movie figure was ok, but the old body sucked. It would of been nice to have propper sized figures of this hulk as he simply looked amazing. And a ten inch abomination as the baf would of rocked. Could of have a couple of hulk’s as he word different coloured pants, and one with the ripped shirt from the end of the movie. General ross, betty and emil blonsky! Such a waste of potential for some killer figures. While a few of the movie figures, like mutating hulk, were quite good, there small size was a joke

  2. I agree – I liked these figures compared to the 2003 movie line – but they were a bit small. Lost opportunities…

  3. Hulk-Man(always on)

    Little kids poke your eyes and…. CRYS!!

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