Epic Tunnel Clash Boxed Set (2008)

Epic Tunnel Clash Boxed Set

Epic Tunnel Clash Boxed Set

Funny story – my Grandmother is in a Retirement Home.  That’s not the funny part… and I went to N.H. 2 weeks ago to visit her.  On the way home I stopped by Toys R Us and found this set.  I had been seeking this set out for a while and was shocked and very happy to find it.  My local Toys had been a barren wasteland of new figures for a while.  Well, earlier this week I walked into to Toys R Us and saw a whole bunch of these Epic Tunnel Crash box sets!  This keeps happening!  As soon as I get an item it becomes pretty common place.  But that’s okay.

Close Up of Gatling Gun

Close Up of Gatling Gun

The set isn’t so bad – you get 3 Hulkbuster soldiers and a Hulk figure.  The Hulk figure is the Mega-Clap Hulk (personally, I think it should have been the regular figure or even a new figure) whose hands stay outstretched like that.  I love the figure with the huge Gatling type gun.  Like Jesse the Body in Predator – except the Hulk can’t be harmed by no Gatling gun!

The set is priced at $24.99 which is a little too much in my opinion.  Out of the 2 boxed sets, the Wal-Mart exclusive and then this, I think this is the better set.  I would wait for a while because I predict that these might end up on clearance soon.  Especially since these are just showing up and the movie has been out of the theaters for months.  The DVD is coming out soon but anyone who would’ve wanted these toys already has bought them.  That’s my take anyways…

Back of Package

Back of Package

2 responses to “Epic Tunnel Clash Boxed Set (2008)

  1. Man i hope this makes it to toys r us here in australia! You think your toys has been barren, try living here. Hardly anything new comes out. We always get the shaft man. Speaking of the dvd, i watched i dvd perfect copy last night. I still am amazed at this movie. The only gripe i ever had was there was no answer as to what happened abomination. Other than that is pure hulk gold. I’m dying to get this on blueray at the end of the month.

  2. Hulk-Man(always on)

    THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME!!! I’m serious and you’re saving money when you buy it

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