Bi-Beast Sneak Peek!

Bi-Beast Sneak Peek

Bi-Beast Sneak Peek

So, I’ve decided Tuesday will be the day when I post the pics or any interesting news I find.  Of course, I will post any big news the moment I find it – but I did want to post this here last week and I waited until today.  So over on The Statue Forum there is a talented guy called Alex over there who sculpted this piece.  He sent it to Randy who loved it and will be releasing it soon!  The base will be different – bust the bust itself is going to be coming out and I have to say – what great timing!  With the video game that features the Bi-Beast released more people than ever are aware of this great character!  Looks good – I personally can’t wait for this – and congrats to Alex!

7 responses to “Bi-Beast Sneak Peek!

  1. Bi-Beast is so freaking creepy. Shuddersss

  2. They totally got it right now where’s His hair…. wait he doesn’t have hair

  3. What about his huge thong?

  4. Nice sculpt work, but Bi-Beast is one of the more ridiculous physical character concepts I’ve come across in comics. Also, the name makes me giggle like a 12 year old.

  5. Oh wow, Bi…hahahahah

  6. Rachel’s dirty… 🙂

  7. Yeah well go complain to the person who made up Gay-Beast

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