Classic Hulk Figure (2008)

Classic Hulk
Classic Hulk

This is the last of wave 3 – and my favorite figure of the ones based on the video game characters.  Classic Hulk.  Not too shabby sculpt but it’s the colors that really captures the “classic” look of this figure.  The bright green, the purple pants – just perfect.  He also comes with a boulder – just like the 1991 Hulk – but this one “smashes to pieces”  Just perfect for kids who can’t keep track of their toys.  You’ll have smashed boulder all over the place.  Luckily, when they say “smashes to pieces” what they mean to say is two pieces – which is more like “Hulk cuts boulder in half” but that doesn’t sound as good.

Close Up of Classic Hulk
Close Up of Classic Hulk

It’s too bad that they didn’t focus too much on making these figures with more articulation – and maybe a little bigger – these are pretty impressive.  It would’ve been great to see the Bi-Beast and Ironclad made in scale with the Marvel Legends line.

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11 thoughts on “Classic Hulk Figure (2008)

  1. I snapped one of these off ebay for 99 cents sans package. Which suited me as i never leave figures mip. Your right, not to bad a hulk but its the colours that make him special. Speaking of bright colours, i recently finishe a custom hulk with retro bright green and pinky purpley pants. Really came up well, very clean, smooth and crisp. Whats your email? I’ll send some pics.

  2. Hey hulk-man if you go to photobucket and search for me you can see all my custom hulk’s. Also my collection of hulk stuff. While not as impressive as ratchet’s i’m still proud of it.

  3. Heh, reminds me of one of Peter David’s comic issues where Bruce is playing with Rick’s figure collection.

    “I got a rock.”

  4. I might buy that figure… If it comes out in the U.K that is… I was wondering if the new Marvel Select Hulk been released if so, have you bought it?

  5. Funny, I got it yesterday – but have another preordered – why? because I’m a sucker and have no will power. When I see a Hulk something I just have to buy it! I might post it tonight – check back later!

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