Abomination vs. Hulkbuster 2-pack (2008)


Abomination vs Hulkbuster

Abomination vs Hulkbuster

This is one of the two 2-packs that have appeared on the shelves.  It may be the last wave of these we will see so cherish them.  I like these 2-packs – and is it just me or is that Hulkbuster using the Abomination Blaster from Nerf?  He does know those are toys, right?  You really can’t take down the Abomination with a toy – maybe someone should have told him before he pulled that thing out.  Maybe he’s the new guy and it’s a little new guy hazing!  Sick little game.  Funny, but sick.

These figures might’ve sold better if they made these figures variants  – just a slightly different version of the figures we have.  But, hey – it is pretty cool that they gave them the toys that we can play with too!

Close up of 2 pack

Close up of 2 pack

7 responses to “Abomination vs. Hulkbuster 2-pack (2008)

  1. you spelled Abomination wrong……Abominatioon???

  2. Whoops! Thanks brother!

  3. It’s a little lager than the toy would be on a soldier…

  4. Or maybe he’s a midget soldier…

  5. Yah they got that guy from austin powwers as a hulk-buster

  6. You need to look at hulkspace NOW!!!!

  7. Hulk-Man(always on)

    I still think these figures rule cause they’re based on actions in the movie

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