Marvel Select The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Marvel Select Incredible Hulk

Marvel Select Incredible Hulk

I wasn’t going to post this yet – but someone asked about it so here it is!  I already posted a bunch of action figures this week but what the hell, right?  There’s no order to this blog!  I’ll just throw whatever the hell I want up here!  I have an activity book that I should have posted weeks ago!  But screw it!  It keeps getting pushed back to the end of the line like the skinny, uncoordinated kid in gym class.  I reported on this figure almost a whole year ago.  It finally has come out.  It is absolutely HUGE!  And heavy to boot! has an exclusive Red Hulk variant.  I pre-ordered both the regular version and the variant and am awaiting their arrival – but I saw it at my LCS and couldn’t help myself.  When I get the figures in the mail I will bust this one out of it’s package and report on how great the figure’s articulation is but for now we can just admire how pretty it is.  Or not is.  The figure obviously is based on the sculpt of the Hulk Maquette but there are some minor differences as well – first and foremost being the face.

Marvel Select Hulk Close Up

Marvel Select Hulk Close Up

The face is flat and not as unique as the maquette’s.  It is still in the style, the clenched teeth, the angry expression, but where the maquette had more gums showing and more pronounced brow this face shows the eyes a bit more.  It’s not better or worse – just very slightly different.  Each hand is a fist (I always prefer having one hand open so that you can post the figure better)  The price point hasn’t changed on these – $19.99 in the stores – but you can also find some better deals on the Internet so I would suggest hunting around.  It’s still a definite pick-up though.  Tune in next week when I will feature some of the new Mini-mates released, a Hulk halloween bucket, any of the toys that ToyJesus gives me the heads-up about that I can track down – a Hulk paper weight, and maybe even that damn Activity book…

18 responses to “Marvel Select The Incredible Hulk (2008)

  1. That’s awesome you should open it or you probably have…. I can’t wait till it comes out in the U.K

  2. Target has a Hulk Chopper Trike. Don’t know if you would buy it but FYI

  3. Man! I didn’t know this had been released!
    Many people in Taiwan are expecting the Select Red Hulk ’cause Marvel Red Hulk Series won’t be available here. 😦 I’m looking forward to see the red version. 🙂

  4. I’ve seen the Chopper Trike but really don’t have the room to store it…

    I think it’s pretty sweet though!

  5. Hulk cakes look yummy but I wish the filling was GREEN…….

  6. I will be picking two of these monsters up as soon i can get one. It seems like years for this to come was meant to ship when the movie came out! Its size and sculpt is very impressive. Cant wait!

  7. Ratchet,you wont belive wat i found yesterday at wal-mart!while i was looking for an inidana jones costume…i spotted ABOMINATION HANDS!

    P.S:they only sell at walmart

  8. Yeah – I’ve heard am have my eye out for them – it’s pretty sweet idea! Nice pick up tanvi!

  9. Dude, I’m in the same boat as you. I ordered the Red Hulk and this one, but saw it at the store and had to pick it up. GREAT figure. Articulation is decent, but it doesn’t really need much. Great figure that I thought was a steal at $20 considering what you get. If you can find it cheaper that’s just gravy.

  10. Got this for my birthday – AWESOME – I have been fighting the urge to open it. I def like the facial expression. Couldnt believe the weight of the box – not sure what to do about the Rulk version – I will say that the original pictures I found on retailers of this do not do it justice –

  11. I will post the Rulk version as soon as I get it!

  12. I picked up this figure yesterday at my local comic shop. I knew this figure was going to be large but it is HUGE! My favorite Hulk figure!
    I have got to get another to open.

  13. Got it! Reviewed it on my blog. You better not leave it mint on sealed box 😆

  14. Nice review! Pretty accurate! I will be getting another – which does mean I will be leaving one in the package. 😮

  15. open it up fellas … let it breathe!!!

  16. awesome figure and bad ass site ratchet. gotta question for anyone who has this figure. mine is still in the packaging and I was looking closely at it the other day. noticed a small nick on the top of the left shoulder. must have happened when the figure was made. there is a very small piece of plastic raised off that nicked spot. does anyone else have a figure with something like this?

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