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Grey Hulk to Appear in Upcoming Hulk!

Page from the upcoming Hulk #7

Page from the upcoming Hulk #7

Hulk #7 will have an appearence of the grey Hulk!  As much as I love to see the Grey Hulk – I hope there’s a reason why the Grey Hulk shows up.  There’s always been a reason why the Hulk’s personalities have changed.  I have absolutely lost all faith in Loeb actually using any kind of reasoning for his stories – but I will stick with this title for loyalty reasons only…

I hope I’m proven wrong though…

One of the Most Famous Hulk Covers For Sale!

I will be keeping my eye on this – but I think it will go way out of my price range.  Click on the image for the auction – but damn – that would be really nice!

Guest of Honor Blogger on Hulk Cakes!