Grey Hulk to Appear in Upcoming Hulk!

Page from the upcoming Hulk #7

Page from the upcoming Hulk #7

Hulk #7 will have an appearence of the grey Hulk!  As much as I love to see the Grey Hulk – I hope there’s a reason why the Grey Hulk shows up.  There’s always been a reason why the Hulk’s personalities have changed.  I have absolutely lost all faith in Loeb actually using any kind of reasoning for his stories – but I will stick with this title for loyalty reasons only…

I hope I’m proven wrong though…

15 responses to “Grey Hulk to Appear in Upcoming Hulk!

  1. Who’s doing the art on that issue? That certainly doesn’t look like McGuinness. Not cartoony enough.

  2. I love the art, it’s awesome and I love Grey HULK.

  3. If red hulk comes and whoops greys ass then loeb has gone full circle then hulk is ruined forever.

  4. The art is Art Adams. Still pretty sweet…

  5. Just pretty sweet? Art Adams is amazing…he has consistently been good for over 15 years. I was excited to hear he was taking over on Hulk. So, much like the 1st story arc, the art will rock while the story makes no sense.

  6. Man the art work kills it! I thought that issue 5 really sucked in the art department. Art adams is an awesome artist who draws hulk really well. Hope the story bloody improves.

  7. I might be the only person who wasn’t completely blown away by McGuiness’ art. I prefer the Adams art but still have seen better – just my opinion.

  8. Issue 1 to 4 was pretty good. Issue 5 looked rushed bad. Bring back dale keown! He drewn the best savage hulk this side of sal bucema!

  9. Oh cool, he’s taking over from McGuiness? I don’t mind his stuff on the occasional cover or poster, but a whole book of it is too much. I prefer detailed art, and Art Adams’ stuff looks fabulous. Hell’s Bell’s, I might be tempted to pick it up for just the art. *thinks about that* Then again, I did that with All-Star Batman and Robin, and look where that got me. Broke and unhappy.

    I’ll certainly be more interested in this now that the art has improved, but they really need to change writers as well before I’d start laying down cash.

  10. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent change or if it’s just a storyline replacement.

  11. art adams is the effing best.

    check out for the occasional comic book post.

    this blog is interesting but please turn off snap shots in your wordpress extras design section.

  12. I think Adams is just filling in. I could be wrong but I remember reading something on it…….

  13. Thanks for the advice – but I prefer the snap shots. Thanks for visiting…

  14. I love that Mr. Fixit! I can see his being cruel on his face. 🙂 But it’s too bad that I don’t buy those comics. ‘Cause if I start buying one, it is probably hard to stop wanting another one.

  15. Leave it to Loeb to ruin the Hulk. I liked his work with Tim Sale, but really this whole Red Hulk story line is boring. Not a great follow up to WWH!

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