SDCC Exclusive Hulk Bust Paperweight (2008)

Hulk Bust Paperweight

Hulk Bust Paperweight

SDCC Exclusive Packaging

SDCC Exclusive Packaging

This summabitch is a hard guy to photograph.  I see these on ebay being listed for $80.00.  Don’t buy this for $80.00.  It’s light weight, hard, clear plastic and feels and looks kind of… cheap.  The base isn’t even solid and the paint is a bit sloppy and unimpressive.  I really hate giving bad reviews to Hulk items – but I must be honest.  I was lucky enough to get it for retail (which was $30) and even that seems like too much.  I wish the people who produced these took a little more pride in their work.  I mean, seriously, this could have been kind of nice.  Most of the exclusives that I have seen are a little more on the dissapointing side.  The bronze Hulk paperweight was too little to be considered worth taking seriously.

Profile! Hi-Ya!

Profile! Hi-Ya!

Bust with the flash

Bust with the flash

5 responses to “SDCC Exclusive Hulk Bust Paperweight (2008)

  1. Hulk looks like he is made out of hard candy that has been sitting in the candy jar since last Christmas.

  2. I loves me some CANDY!!!!!!

  3. Not this kind of candy though…

    What did you think of this when I showed you? Am I pretty spot on or am I being too harsh?

  4. Can you get this painted up at all? If i can get one cheap enough i could always paint it myself i guess. Hard to see the detail but it looks like a decent sculpt. The box art looks great though.

  5. Seeing this in person, it looked like something that you would find for $14.99 at Spencers or something. Your review wasn’t harsh at all. Between the size and the look of it, no way I’d pay more than ten bucks for it…….

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