Sideshow Hulk vs. Silver Savage Dio!

Looks like Sideshow is coming out with a new Hulk dio – and I am going broke… 🙂 Click on the image for the full effect and look for the pre-order to come up soon!  By the way – I am trying out this new poll feature wordpress has.  I kind of like ’em.  IfContinue reading “Sideshow Hulk vs. Silver Savage Dio!”

Hulk Monster Size 1-Shot (2008)

I read this Wednesday night – so let’s see how my memory is… This one-shot is a lot of fun.  It has 4 stories that feature the Hulk and some of the classic movie monsters.  The first story guest stars Frankenstein.  The story begins with Bruce avoiding the army in the streets of London.  HeContinue reading “Hulk Monster Size 1-Shot (2008)”