Hulk Monster Size 1-Shot (2008)

Monster Size Hulk 1-Shot

Monster Size Hulk 1-Shot

I read this Wednesday night – so let’s see how my memory is… This one-shot is a lot of fun.  It has 4 stories that feature the Hulk and some of the classic movie monsters.  The first story guest stars Frankenstein.  The story begins with Bruce avoiding the army in the streets of London.  He is approached by a man who drugs the Dr. and brings him to Frankenstein’s great granddaughter.  She asks Dr. Banner to help her keep her family’s legacy alive.  The monster is just barely alive but with the help of Bruce he begins to show signs of life.  It isn’t until Banner is knocked out again and strapped to gurney that he realizes that he’s being used for his inner beast’s power.  The monster gets a dose of Hulk blood which helps rejuvenate him.  The Hulk and the monster trade some blows but as they fight the army approaches.  The army starts firing on the Hulk.  Frankenstein’s great Granddaughter tells the monster to get away but the monster sees the Hulk being attacked.  He goes to help the Hulk and the army re-directs their attention to the monster.  This story was fun – some pretty decent artwork – so I give this part a B-

The next story is from Steve Niles (the writer of 30 Days of Night) who brings us a Wolfman story.  I was a little surprised to see him writing the Wolfman – I naturally assumed it was going to be a vampire story – but that’s what I get for assuming.  Anyways, the Wolfman, pre-full moon, hires Banner to watch him until the morning comes.  Things go awry when the night falls and Banner is still too close to the cage.  The Wolman scratches Bruce and he Hulks out.  Hulk rips open the cage and starts to fight the Wolfman.  Surprisingly, the Wolfman gives the Hulk an actual good fight.  It’s a little silly – but eventually the Wolfman runs to try to kill a couple of teenage lovers (a nice little homage to the original stories) but Hulk catches up to him and saves the kids.  Wolfman somehow gets the Hulk in a sleeper hold and knocks him out just in time for the sun to come up.  Both the Hulk and the Wolfman transform back.  Bruce awakens to find money and a note saying thanks… Wolfman knocks out the Hulk?  Gay!  C

The next story is about 2 pages long with a classic Marvel monster named Gonk or Zoom or something like that.  I told you I didn’t have the book in front of me.  It was a little throw away, joke story that was funny enough… C+

Last up is the story that I was looking forward to the most – Peter David takes on Hulk vs. Dracula.  Unfortunately it is not written in comic form and I didn’t get to read it all yet.  I may get back to you with the review – unless someone else wants to give their opinion.  But that’s about it!  A read that may get you into the mood of the upcoming holiday!

3 responses to “Hulk Monster Size 1-Shot (2008)

  1. I enjoyed the Dracula story more than any other. I wish and I will write to who ever at Marvel if I get some support for the idea, that instead of going on with Marvel Zombies crap that I for some reason can not avoid buying( i like zombies, but the story is just bad) w/e. I would like to see by next Halloween stories where they take the main characters and replace them with Marvel icons. For example and this is just an idea that popped in my head just now but what if? What if Marvel took Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein replaced Victor with Bruce Banner and made the monster like a Hulk type creature. I have a Superman Else world that is kina like that but I like Hulk way more. So no, Bruce would not turn into the Hulk as much as he created The Hulk to do Banner’s bidding. Like The Golem which is what Frankenstein is based of of anyway. Or what if Logan was bit by the Wolf man and given the power to regenerate from the bite ( Lycanthrope’s can do that), he could never die unless it was by an adamantium bullet, it kinda works. Anyone down for Marvel doing something original? Lets write! This could not be half as bad as Red Hulk or Spider-Man Legends of the Spider-Clan ( great art…bad story )

  2. awsome! i was the only one to put f!(i did not read it)

  3. are you going to update it soon?

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