Sideshow Hulk vs. Silver Savage Dio!

Looks like Sideshow is coming out with a new Hulk dio – and I am going broke… 🙂 Click on the image for the full effect and look for the pre-order to come up soon! 

By the way – I am trying out this new poll feature wordpress has.  I kind of like ’em.  If they’re annoying, let me know.  I am only planning on putting polls when they apply though – and this post applies!

UPDATE: It’s up for pre-order!  Click on the image to get it!  I ordered mine!

6 responses to “Sideshow Hulk vs. Silver Savage Dio!

  1. Hmm, I voted (lol) but I can’t seem to see the results. The box just scrunches itself up small and tells me nothing.

    This statue looks like it will rock the house details and finish-wise, but it’s not something I’d buy. Wonder what the price on it will be.

  2. Try voting again – I was fixing something! Sorry about that!

  3. By the way – expect a haefty price tag – as usual with Sideshow.

  4. I wish. But don’t have the money.

  5. Greatest Sideshow dio ever !!!! See you on Thursday !!!

  6. Well i will be getting this for sure. Put a pre order in at my lcs. From what little is shown that hulk looks amazing. Cant wait for more info!

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