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Ratchet Photo #9

Abomination Smash Hands (2008)

Abomination Smash Hands

Abomination Smash Hands

I have so much new stuff to show you that I am trying to figure out what to show next.  I want to show things that I got that are still pretty sought after – such as these bad boys.  Wal-Mart exclusives and actually pretty damn cool these are a bit larger than the Hulk Samsh Hands – still haven’t seen the Hulk Mega Hands out there – these are cloth, just like the brand new Hulk Hands, but they make Abomination crashing sounds instead.  These are the kind of exclusives I have been looking for!  I just wonder why they waited until the DVD release to bring out the big guns!

Abom Hands are a bit larger - bigger hands means bigger...

Abom Hands are a bit larger - bigger hands means bigger...

Sleepy’s Exclusive Comic

Sleepy's Exclusive Comic


Make sure you get to a Sleepy’s to pick up thi… wait – did I just say “Make sure”?  I meant, if it’s on your way to or from work – or if you find yourself in the vicinity of a Sleepy’s then pick this up if you feel like it.  It’s not like this will be worth – or even better – WILL be a waste of time.  But, hey, why not?  If your in the area…

Best Cover Ever! #5

Another cover from the Bruce Jones run.  This cover actually had a bit of controversary due to the fact that Marvel wanted to use a very popular brand of cereal – but the company said no – and they had to use a generic looking brand instead.  I think it was Rice Krispies.  Man, I haven’t had Rice Krispies in YEARS!  Do they still make those?