Hulk #7 (2008) – The Review

Hulk #7

Hulk #7

Spoilers below!  Look out!  I have to be honest – I don’t even feel like giving my review.  I want to stop bashing the character I love.  It’s gotten to the point where I dread even turning the cover page.  But here’s what you find when you do read the… comic:

We begin in Vegas.  Bruce explains, in narration, that the Red Hulk (ugh) has killed a Wendigo.  Everything that the Red Hulk does just gets blamed on him because he’s the original.  All the bad stuff that the Red Hulk does is all blamed on Bruce.  Well, the Wendigo – a mythical creature bound to the Canadian wilderness – has somehow left Canada and is seeking out the Hulk for revenge.  (Loeb calls them hybrids)  So, some douche parks like an idiot, almost hitting Bruce, at a casino where Wendigo’s have been killing people inside.  Bruce enters and becomes… the Grey Hulk.  Oh good, another transformation Loeb doesn’t explain.  The Hulk could never just slip into different personalities without reason until lazy writers started to write the Hulk.  Here is no exception.  What the hell Loeb?  What made him become the grey Hulk – let alone call himself Joe Fixit?  And what made him Fixit?  The fact that he’s in Vegas?  Dude, Fixit was fired… he didn’t call himself Fixit as his personality – he called himself Fixit because he didn’t want people to know the Hulk was still alive.  Anyways, the Wendigo fight the Hulk who is having a ball fighting them off.  Suddenly the Hulk is attacked by Moon Knight.  Hulk is helping people and gets attacked by one of the heroes – sound familiar? – and Hulk easily turns his attention to beating the crap out of Moon Knight until – again – he looks behind him and sees that Marvel Girl and Sentry has also come to stop him.  Then the comic let’s you know that the next issue will feature the Green Hulk again…

Now, is where I get really angry.  Because they have split the Hulk comic into two mini-stories.  So instead of getting one longer crappy story we get two crappy stories that lasts what seems like 5 pages long.  Anyways, She Hulk is recruiting female heroes to take on the Red Hulk.  She calls everyone and calls them by their real names but, Bummer!, they are all busy.  She does recruit Valkyrie and Thundra and then the 3 of them sit in a confrence and learn that the Green Hulk, Iron Man and Thor were all beaten by the Hulk.  No one mentions the fact that the 3 girls sitting there couldn’t hold a candle to any of those heroes so how the hell are they going to fight the Red Hulk.  The ladies just get get into new costumes and head out to fight.  They find the Red Hulk pretty quickly and the fight doesn’t last very long – Red makes quick work of them and then starts hitting on Valkyrie and Thundra.

So here’s my review… I have come to realize that I must have done something really bad in a former life – that’s why my favorite comic is now a sham and a horrible sham at that.  F

Frank Cho Variant
Frank Cho Variant
*QUICK NOTE: The guy at my LCS said that the Turner variants were incentive covers.  Like, if you order so many comics than they give you these covers.  Turns out though the deal was ridiculous.  They wanted stores to buy a crazy amount that most stores refused to do it.  This, by the way, is second hand information and in no way garunteed accurate.  But it sounded good to me so I report it to you 🙂 if you know any other information about the variants please feel free to comment!

32 responses to “Hulk #7 (2008) – The Review

  1. What a waste…………………….

  2. It really was. Made me cry a little. 😦

  3. I just realized – why is the green Hulk on the cover when he doesn’t appear in the comic?

  4. I really hope it gets better than this i am a big Hulk fan since i was a kid, just like u Ratchet. I am 30 years old and a huge fan of hulk. DO you think it will get better.

  5. Only when a new writer comes on.

  6. This is a comic that I bought at 12:30pm est today and exchanged for something different at 12:50pm est so it was not a total waste.

    I’m just disapointed in all of this. Also to answer your question Ratchet

    “I just realized – why is the green Hulk on the cover when he doesn’t appear in the comic?”

    Comic covers art not written, so Jeph Loeb didn’t work on or come anywhere near it-therefore it makes actual sense.

    I vote Garth Ennis to take over writing for HULK-the art can stay the same I like they style

  7. I know the covers aren’t written – but the artists working on the books draw them – they know what’s going to be in the book – that’s why the Red Hulk is fighting the 3 ladies he does in the comic on the cover – and that’s why there are a bunch of Wendigo hands on the cover – but they knew that the Hulk was going to be grey in this issue – so why is he green on the cover.

    I know what you’re saying – Loeb doesn’t really have anything to do with the cover – and thank goodness –

    But the whole thing just wreaks!

  8. I hope you didn’t take that joke literal…I’d never question you intelligence like that.

  9. No – no worries mate!

  10. I thought it was ok but the real draw for me was the artwork of Arthur Adams he’s brilliant! As for Cho he’s good as well i’d say….

  11. I’d just like to add that i hope AA will draw a Godzilla V Hulk special if anyone’s got the Godzilla Colour Special it’s fantastic and i hope that he draws more Hulk in the future.

  12. Arthur Adams art was pretty damn impressive. I would love to see more Hulk art from him!

  13. I’m going to step into Jeph Loeb land for a second and explain to you all why he suddenly appeared as Joe Fixit. *ahem*


    Okay, I’m back. Can’t stay in Loeb-land for long, damages the brain cells.

    Didn’t think the storylines could get lamer, but now that the admittedly weak and false plot line about WHO IS RULK is ostensibly over, the quality of the writing appears to have actually gotten worse. Wow.

  14. Okay, I just downloaded this thing (yeah, yeah, sue me. They probably will anyway), and I’m speechless with how incredibly BAD the writing is. That’s…just…God. And here I was cracking funny about Loeb-land. Now I know what it feels like to actually read one of these.


  15. I am in awe of how horrible this is. I cannot even come up with something funny or witty, I am truly dumber having read it and cannot shake the nasty aftertaste it has left. I would almost say that an F is too good for this, but the school systems have failed to recognize Z – eh, that was the best I got…THIS SUCKS AND IT IS GETTING WORSE. : (

  16. Ooo, thanks for that heads up, kjc007. I was wondering if they were going to continue collecting the series at all. I’d still like to see them pull off a Peter David Masterworks, and have the whole lot in one or two big fancy pants hardcovers. But hey, I’ll take what I can. Still, $29.99 seems a bit steep for a paperback trade.

  17. You can usually get them for cheaper when they come out – but yeah – that’s great news!

  18. Personally I don’t mind the appearance of the Gray Hulk (needs a bit more attention plus its one of my favorite sides of the hulk’s personalities), and also he appeared as Joe Fixit in banner’s mind when the other two Hulk personalities (Professor, and Savage Hulks, both green) fought the devil hulk. So I’d assume that he refers to himself as Joe Fixit now maybe because, first off, he wants to fit in in Vegas and most of the people there who have heard of him probably call him that, and also because it might make him a feel a bit more human inside. But I agree the writing does kind of suck, I don’t hate the Red Hulk (I honestly think that its Glenn Talbot, since he was never really confirmed dead and he knows who everyone is already) or the penciling (McGuiness does a nice job drawing these monsters duking it out with eachother) but the storyline could be made better if Loeb either, A. gets his shit together and puts more effort into writing a better story, B. someone better than Loeb takes over, or C. Peter David comes back again, now that would be awesome!

  19. The storyline you’re referring to is written by Paul Jenkins and he was the first one to ruin the personality disorder line. And Peter David fixed all of that in Tempest Fugit which basically says everything that happened in those story lines were a dream.

    Listen, I’m glad people are happy about Fixit’s return – but this was the worst, piss poor appearance of the Grey Hulk – and it wasn’t Fixit – it was just the Grey Hulk – because Fixit would never say Vegas – he always referred to it as Las Vegas. He would NEVER say Vegas – thus – crappy writer writing a character he has no idea how to write.

  20. I can honestly say that the reason for Bruces transformation into Joe, Gray Hulk, whatever you prefer to call it, would be because he was not the savage hulk, and it was night time, which is when the Gray Hulk transformations occur. Honestly I wanna find out who the heck the Red Hulk is.

  21. True… grey Hulk only transforms at night – but then why hasn’t they grey Hulk appeared at night before in Hulk 1-6?

    Again, I’m glad people love this character – but it made no sense that he appeared. Period. No matter how people try to explain it – the real reson he appeared is because there is a bad writer at the helm…

  22. wow. i’m 31, and have been a hulk fan all my life. i was a little giddy seeing the gray hulk back, but yeah it was crappy writing that summoned him. we have no explanation as to why bruce is turning back into savage and gray hulk now, when during the wwhulk story he was like a savage/gray hybrid. it makes no sense. and glenn talbot has to be rulk. marvel oesn’t create new characters these days, just recycles them. *cough anti-venom cough*

  23. This is a piece of turd, this comic book. I’m dropping this title. I followed the whole Red Hulk thing cause it was interesting to see a different Hulk, but honestly it’s been really dumb. Every issue was a five-minute read. And now this 2 halves thingy, what the heck is this? There’s no story at all. I’ll much rather have the Hulk facing off Skrulls. He skipped the Civil War and now he’s sitting out the Skrull invasion too.

  24. Dropped. I’ve had enough. The Heroes team had the good sense to drop Loeb, when’s Marvel gonna do the same?

  25. Why are marvel not taking action the new series is terrible.if this continues im going to launch a complaint to marvel.

  26. Not even sure if that would help. But if this site is any indication on how people feel – then a lot of people are very disappointed in this series.

  27. Well at least we can agree on somethig{ reason is obvious}.Unlike on bzpower where nobody can agree on anything.

  28. Quintin I couldn’t agree more about the bzpower thing. Compromising kicks ass.

  29. I’ve just picked this comic up and read it (and issues 1-6) never read any Hulk comics before really. Have I missed something? When did Hulk kill the Wendigo? Oh, and the writing and ‘dual storyline’ isn’t to my taste.

  30. The Red Hulk killed a Wendigo in the King Size. And the dual storyline is killing me…

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